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_casa_de_isabelle_ kitchens & coziness

as i’m watching the bachelor
i have been perusing through
& found these wonderful photos 🙂

love these kitchens & dining areas
as well as the cozy little bedroom below!


_casa_de_isabelle_ COLOR & lack there of

the red walls, shelves, & island with white beams & appliances are very striking.
love the black & white tile counter top as well!

we all know i love black anything, so i love these black cabinets!
bookcases are also a must! i’m not usually a fan of green either, but love this
all images from country living

_casa_de_isabelle_ black iron

i love the black iron heart chair & table, too cute & super farmhouse style

the black iron bakers rack is also adorable

both pieces from wisteria

_casa_de_isabelle_ farmhouse style

i think i just love kitchens. more than any other place in a house. i want a farmhouse when i “grow up”…..

love this, from

and black & white….
it is my favorite! country living….
i might just have to get a subscription!

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