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shining like fireworks

there is nothing better than getting home after a long day & having a sweet package waiting for you!

my partner for the cold hands, warm hearts swap, jamie from inspired mess, found the cutest little goodies & i LOVE them all!

she’s so thoughtful & has such a kind heart.

i started opening it on the floor & annie had to sniff it all out first.

(she loved the discarded wrapping paper too 🙂 )

jamie found the most adorable grey, blue & black earrings from that is charming, a gorgeous black headband, black & grey gloves (they are so soft!), a purple, grey, & black scarf (favorite colors), & a santa ornament (i’m finishing up my christmas tree today, so i can’t wait to add it to my ornaments).

thank you so much jamie, i LOVE everything!

(& the timing is perfect, it’s just gotten cold in north carolina this week, so the gloves & scarf will get lots of use!)

thank you so much ilene & sandy for organizing this fun!


the kingdom lights shined just for me & you

well, i just like to be involved i guess.

as the 30 day blog challenge is winding down i wasn’t sure what i was going to do next.


this morning.

i was doing my morning blog reading (after an early morning vet trip) & found a post about the cold hands, warm hearts swap.

hello, found my next venture 🙂

so i emailed & put my name on the list & i’m super excited!

read about the swap here & join in!

happy thursday y’all 🙂