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30 day blog challenge_ day 21

today’s topic is a picture of yourself.

well, this is me & my sister (& annie).

i can’t believe the weekend is already over!

the week will be nothing other than insane.

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30 day blog challenge_ day 20

today’s blog challenge topic, hosted by katie’s journey, is nicknames!

this post could go on for days, just so you kow.

but i’ll shorten the list πŸ™‚

my name is elizabeth-ann.

when i was very small, a baby still, my mother started calling me beth-ann for short. everyone called me beth-ann, except my great-grandma tarlton, she called me lizzie.

as i grew up a little i thought beth-ann & even elizabeth-ann were sort of dorky because no one else had a double name, so i went on to be called liz around middle school.

my family still called me elizabeth, elizabeth-ann, beth, beth-ann, & lizzie occasionally however, that would not be broken.

in high school i went by liz because i already knew a lot of the people from elementary schoolΒ  middle school. my sister (& her close friends) called me beth & beth-ann still.

now, almost through college, i’ve gained even more nicknames. i introduce myself as elizabeth all the time, but some people just seem to shorten it to liz, i never tell them not to, but really, i don’t like being called liz.

my family now calls me elizabeth or elizabeth-ann.

my sister calls me beth-ann, anna, annie, human annie (because i now have a puppy named annie & no i did not name her after myself, i adopted her & she was already named annie, it was fate), elizabeth, and booty.

my mother called me just about ANYTHING you can make from the names elizabeth or ann including (but not limited to) eliza, annie, elizabeth-annie, & eliza-beth.

in college i gained a whole new list of names. ebond, bonde, e1, ea, & rooms.

i love my name, it’s timeless, & i love nicknames, they’re so much fun πŸ™‚


have a wonderful saturday πŸ™‚

i’m getting a funnel cake at the festival today.

you traded your baseball cap for a crown

it’s finally new blog friday!

this week’s new blog….

rants. raves. ridiculous.

i discovered this blog in the 30 day blog challenge i’m doing.

i’ve really enjoyed reading tyler’s posts for the challenege because she’s funny & tells it like it is.

she even just started a cooking blog too (rants. rave. recipes.)

check out her blog, you won’t be disappointed.

have a wonderful friday y’all, i’m beach bound in a few hours πŸ™‚

30 day blog challenge_ day 19

today’s topic is something you miss…..

i miss feeling as confident as i used to.

i miss my long hair, i wish it would grow out faster.

i miss how i used to know exactly what i wanted.

i miss how simple life used to be (i know then i thought it was stressful, but it was really a piece of cake).

i miss certain people in my life.

life has changed a lot in the past 2 years & i miss a lot of who i used to be, but there is a reason God stepped in & changed my life so drastically, so fast.

follow the whole 30 day blog challenge at katie’s journey, we only have 11 days left!


i’d tell you i miss you but i don’t know how

i have the sweetest pupper ever.

really, i do.

but lately she’s been a little escape artist.

[please excuse the peach colored bow & the pink sweater, my mom had a cow over this]

i don’t crate her anymore when i leave, i just confine her to a huge room, complete with lots of toys, a sofa to jump on, her doggie bed, natural light from a huge window, a television on her favorite channels (she likes cmt, bravo, & abc family), & fresh water. she isn’t even left alone for long ever because my sweet parents & grandparents will check on her & let her come hang with them if i have a long day at school/work or if i’m gone when she needs dinner.

this is where her escaping comes in. i used to not even put her gate (a baby gate) fully in the door, i just leaned it & that worked for a few months. she then learned to push it sideways to make a big enough crack to squeeze through. so i started actually putting it in the door. well, she jumped over her gate once about 3 months ago, i don’t think she really knew what she was doing & it kinda scared her, so she didn’t try again. until yesterday, i came home to be greeted at the door by a tail wagging, jumping, excited little girl, it was actually too cute for words.

i had to leave again in the afternoon for a bit & thought she’d either be out again when i got home or she’d scared herself jumping over her gate & wouldn’t do it again. she was still in her room, happily playing.

i decided she wouldn’t do it again anytime soon. until, today my dad texted me. he had gone to check on her since i’m at work & she was just sitting on the steps (her favorite place to hang out), excited to see him.

now, i have to figure out how to keep her in her room without having to close the door (because that seems mean to me) or keep her in her crate (because that’s just no fun at all) & she really shouldn’t just wander because even puppy proofed, there’s too much for her to get into.

she also has learned how to push the door to my bedroom open. i keep it closed because she likes to steal my clothes that i leave lying around. the funny thing is, she can open it & get in but somehow gets stuck inside & wimpers till i find her.

really i think this is all hilarious. she’s the smartest pup i’ve ever met (& i’m not just saying that because she’s mine).

i’ve never heard silence quite this loud

everything has been a whirlwind lately, i feel like i get one thing crossed off my list & then 5 more things are added. classes this quarter are not crazy hard, just time comsuming & require more time actually at school. but, in a week & a half i’ll be DONE with all of my gen ed classes & halfway through this quarter, which means i’ll have 3 & a half quarters LEFT!. crazy.


but this weekend is the festival by the sea.

i’m so excited.

this means…..

i get to see my sister.

we get a funnel cake.

family time.

i get other greasy fair food (i’ve been eating a lot healthier so i deserve a little tasty food, right?)

fun crafty booths to peruse.

halloween themed wine tasting at the local wine & art shop.

the smell of salty air.

annie gets to wear her halloween costume.


i am giving myself a task for this weekend….. TAKE PICTURES.

we’ll see how it goes πŸ™‚


have a wonderful thursday y’all πŸ™‚

30 day blog challenge_ day 18

today’s topic is something you regret.

i don’t really like the word regret. it sounds so dirty. i’ve regretted a lot of things i’ve done & not done & i hate making decisions so i feel like i’m regretting something all the time. but, i’m working on it, i should not regret or worry i’ve done the wrong thing.


but, thinking about what i regret right now…..

i regret letting myself get out of shape in college. but, i’ve started exercising regularly again lately & eating way healthier (mostly) & physically feel a lot better already.

i regret making big decisions based on other people. i should make the decisions i want to for my own reasons.

i regret drifting from God in the past few years.

i regret losing touch with most of my high school friends.

but, there is no point in regretting, everything i regret has made me the person i am today.

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