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sing the truth, lay it all right out there

today i turned in yet another david carson gallery poster. i never seems to get old (i guess that’s good since i’m going to school for this). this one (below) is a continuation of the one i turned in last week, combined with a new design. i also started on a rough digital comp of my next project… based on elvis presley & the movie blue hawaii.

i just grabbed my second cup of coffee & have about a half an hour until my religion class. i started to make a do to list for today but i think that idea went out the window when i got into a ton of traffic this morning & didn’t have my extra few minutes before class. for at least the rest of the quarter i’m going to start making to do lists though. i feel like having something written out i will use my time more wisely, less just sitting & playing on the computer (though i love my blog perusing time after i read my favorites i need to put the blogs away & come back later). & since i was basically forced to get a new phone (really i didn’t mind, love the new one so far) i need to search for an app to organize my to do list.

favorite blog post of the day (so far), fabulous k’s beautiful bungalow, check it out, that closet/attic is amazing.


have a happy day 🙂


clothes make me happy_ 5.3.10

i started a post earlier today & never go back to it. those thoughts are now for another day. monday’s are not my fave though. today i decided to wear one of my otazu necklaces after stumbling across a blog yesterday. i found diamonds and tulle on another daily read of mine & loved her post that included a chunky, sparkly necklace. this is what i came up with:

shirt: old navy

leggings: target? i don’t remember they’re just basic black, no side buttons today

necklace: otazu

i’m off to work on my david carson poster & a new project (inspired by johnny cash, elvis presley, & john wayne) how fun.

i remember what you wore on the first day

happy tuesday 🙂

today, i turned in another draft of another david carson inspired poster.

still have some work to do, but i like how it’s shaping up. maybe i’ll work them into a series? not sure, it’s just to so much 🙂

i also discovered that i have a new book i need to (yes, need is correct, it’s not just a want, it’s amazing) buy. it’s one of david carson’s, trek, and it’s surprisingly not expensive. that makes me happy, if you ever get a chance to even just look through it, it’s totally worth your time.

i also decided that instead of having a whole separate website from this blog i am going to add a gallery page. just need to adjust my current gallery page and info about my designs to fit here. exciting stuff.

along the same lines i’m working on putting together a digital portfolio to send to a friend, hoping a can do some work for him. so i must get going.

oh, by the way, like the new signature for the end of each post?

going through the photographs

so i am officially the worst at remembering to take pictures.
over the weekend i went to the beach for formal & have no picture to show for it. oops….

remember the post about david carson the graphic designer? we were given the task to design a poster for a gallery show of our designer of choice. i turned in my first digital draft this morning, here’s what i have so far:

i think i’m going to tackle my website this afternoon at work, after these 2 long hours of religion class…..

(p.s. that is a david carson quote, i’m can’t make up cool quotes like that)

leaving it all back in arizona

we spent the weekend at the beach again, it was beautiful, mostly relaxing, but i was super unproductive, go figure. i did however get a forced perspective photograph (the one of my beautiful sister below)

today for one of the classes today & just finished an interactive animation game for my other class tomorrow. i am needing/wanting to re-edit the video i made a few weeks ago but i have almost exhausted looking at the computer (& i’m going to be looking at the computer all week)…. so that might get pushed back a bit.

i’ve started researching the graphic designer david carson, for a project i will be doing in another class. he is very interesting & i love his work.

have some more work to do tonight, so i’ll leave you with a fun new moon picture 🙂