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last christmas i gave you my heart

well i FINALLY finished decorating my tree this morning.

since i didn’t have anything done for the christmas blog challenge post.

i’m actually using it for a final project, i have to make a documentary, so i filmed picking it, cutting it down, hauling it in, lights, decorations, & annie trying to eat it.

hoping i’ll get the majority of the editing done tonight in class.

here are a few shots of the snowy owl tree.

mom got me these sequin things & i decided to stick them out the top instead of a bow or star. i nestled my black & sparkle owl on them to finish it off.

owls owls!

& more owls 🙂

new snowy owl mrs. yvonne gave me for painting a banner/mural thing for mr. jim’s birthday.

the finished tree. i’m going to have to get sister to take some better pictures with her cool camera when she gets here.

happy tuesday & 18th days till christmas 🙂


christmas blog challenge_ day 14

it’s the last day of aly & molly’s christmas blog challenge 😦

i’ve loved reading about everyone’s traditions, recipies, decorations, & shopping tips!

the last topic is oprah’s favorite things.

what would i want?

the sophia satchel from coach.

le creuset cookware (i saw the teal pot in tj maxx saturday & fell in LOVE. i was going to get it until i turned it over & realized it was still $79.99…. at tj maxx. still a little out of my price range).

the elfa customizable closet system (my closet is ALWAYS a mess. like 20 minutes after i clean up & organize, it’s a mess again).

nike free run plus shoes (yes, i just got new nike air max turbulence plus running shoes, but i LOVE my nike’s & you can never have enough. & those purple & green ones are insane.)

nikon d3100 digital slr camera.

cruise on royal caribbean’s allure of the seas. (there is a rock climbing wall on the ship. enough said.)

[images via]

i’ve had so much fun doing the christmas blog challenge, thanks aly & molly!

have a wonderful monday & can’t wait to see what everyone else loves of oprah’s favorite things 🙂

christmas blog challenge_ day 12 & 13

yesterday we had our annual rainwater family reunion & spent the rest of the day doing christmas shopping so i didn’t have time to do the blog challenge.

(oh also because i had to go get eclipse on dvd & watch it while i was working on final projects. yes, i am a nerd.)

day 12: decorations.

but, turns out, i don’t have any decorations. i guess because i’m still not a “real” adult & don’t have my big girl house/apartment/condo yet. i do have a tree, with all my owl ornaments on it, but it’s not finished yet (actually, sadly, it’s been sitting with all but one strand on of lights since monday. i’m a slacker) i’ll post a picture eventually…?

day 13: favorite cookie recipe.

have you ever had peppermint joe joe’s from trader joes?

if not, you’re really missing out, oreos (with peppermint filling) dipping in chocolate, with bits of candycane.

oh dear sunshine, they are AMAZING.


so i made my own recipe.

i found this recipe for homemade oreos first.

add 1 tsp. peppermint extract & a little bit of fine fine crushed peppermint pieces (really it’s your preference, actually following a recipe is not as fun).

dip in melted chocolate (just like chocolate dipped strawberries) & sprinkle with crushed peppermint.

(williams sonoma has peppermint snow, pre-crushed peppermint, but at $10.50 for only 6 oz, i can crush my own candy canes).

you can find crushed candycane/peppermints at marshalls or tj maxx too, it’s just if you’re lucky enough.

& they are OH SO GOOD.

christmas blog challenge_ day 11

it’s already day 11 of the christmas blog challenge already? crazy.

my new year’s resolutions…..

1_ continue to go to the gym & stay in shape.

2_ run at least 5 races throughout the year (i want to run in this half marathon the week after i graduate).

3_ don’t eat so many sweets & fats.

4_ be positive.

5_take more pictures.

6_ be more selfless.

7_ continue to produce quality work & designs that i can add to my portfolio.

8_ save money.

9_ volunteer at church.

10_ be more productive with my time so i don’t feel so rushed all the time.

11_ let go of the past.


what are your resolutions?

christmas blog challenge_ day 10

day 10 of the christmas blog challenge with aly & molly 🙂

today is favorite christmas songs & caroles.

confession: for a while there i HATED christmas songs. they annoyed me, i hated when they were on in stores all the time, but thankfully i’ve grown out of that & enjoy them again.

i love…..

last christmas [wham! version, from the holiday soundtrack].

have yourself a merry little christmas [james taylor].

all i want for christmas is a real good tan [kenny chesney].

all i want for christmas is you [from the love actually soundtrack].

christmas in dixie [alabama].

christmas must be something more [tswift].


i want those.

christmas blog challenge_ day 9

it’s day 9 of the christmas blog challenge & that means recipes!

i’m kind of excited to see what everyone comes up with.

last christmas i made my first ever apfelstrudel (applestrudel) for our german themed christmas eve dinner.

it was delicious (ha, it should have been for the amount of work i put into it).

this year i’m going to focus on cider.

i found this recipe.

sounds good right?

have a wonderful wednesday 🙂


christmas blog challenge_ day 8

it’s day 8 of the christmas blog challenge, hosted by aly & molly!

least favorite thing about the holidays.

my least favorite thing is that some people don’t have a family to spend the holiday’s with & some families cannot afford to get presents for their children.

i get sad when i think that some elderly people are in nursing homes & no one comes to visit them.

i don’t think you have to get presents to have a good christmas but it makes me sad that some kids won’t get anything.

my mom & i always go shopping for operation christmas child where you fill a shoe box full of necessities & fun little toys for christmas. i found disney princess stuff & hello kitty stuff this year for the 2 little girl boxes (i let her find the stuff for the little boys).

i hope to in the future i can do more for families & kids that need a little help around the holiday’s.


i have to go, i’m starting the morning off sad now & i need to cheer up.