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clothes make me happy_ 4.30.10

i decided that this weekend i was going to get A LOT of work done. school & home work, which means working on projects (midterm projects are due in less than 2 weeks) & cleaning up my life at home, clothes are everywhere, along with everything else, and most of my art supplies are stuffed into random places. i’m going to try to get them semi-organized today.

but today’s productiveness at home is different. i woke up & showered & dressed & put makeup on, if i feel good then i feel like i’ll get more accomplished. so i decided to do a post about what i wear for a day like this.

dress: target (they have the best everyday, cotton dresses)
and this is a great day of clothes because i don’t have to put ANYTHING with it, unless i want to when i go run errands later.
shoes: later when i leave the house i’ll probably throw on my converses for kristin davis moccasin sandals.
oh yeah, sweet braid in my hair huh? if you know me well i don’t do my hair everyday, it’s not healthy for it, but sometimes, i know it just looks awful. so if i don’t pin it up, lately i’ve been doing this braid. it’s fun & different 🙂

and yes, the coffee cup completes the outfit 🙂


clothes make me happy_ 4.29.10

today is what i call a johnny cash day. all black. it’s my favorite color to wear, this happens a lot.

shirt: frenchie from nordstrom

leggings: steve madden (cute buttons on the sides huh?)

you can’t see my shoes, but they are my black kensie sandals i posted about a few weeks back.

jewelry: typical bracelets, necklaces from the beach, my mom, & the biltmore house.

picture postcard memories

today i worked on uploading some of the projects i’ve done to my portfolio page. i also designed a site for my sister…. i’m going to try coding it tonight or tomorrow & also designed a blog for sarah. we’ll see if i can get all the coding problems worked out 🙂 check out the projects i’ve already uploaded though!

i remember what you wore on the first day

happy tuesday 🙂

today, i turned in another draft of another david carson inspired poster.

still have some work to do, but i like how it’s shaping up. maybe i’ll work them into a series? not sure, it’s just to so much 🙂

i also discovered that i have a new book i need to (yes, need is correct, it’s not just a want, it’s amazing) buy. it’s one of david carson’s, trek, and it’s surprisingly not expensive. that makes me happy, if you ever get a chance to even just look through it, it’s totally worth your time.

i also decided that instead of having a whole separate website from this blog i am going to add a gallery page. just need to adjust my current gallery page and info about my designs to fit here. exciting stuff.

along the same lines i’m working on putting together a digital portfolio to send to a friend, hoping a can do some work for him. so i must get going.

oh, by the way, like the new signature for the end of each post?

take me there

today has been one of those days. i think every thursday is like that, i think i remember a post from last thursday that started out very similar to this.

i had 2 cups of coffee by the time i had my first class at 8 am. midway through class when i was tired of my coffee breath i decided to wanted some gum. i just got a new pack of gum, i like the ice cubes (they’re shaped like cubes, haha) but the box they come in gets swished easily. so i was at target last night with my mom & in the candy aisle they had a huge, plastic container with 40 ice cubes in it. sweet, i bought it. i ate one piece last night & so did mom. this morning in class when i reached to get the container the other 38 pieces were scattered around the bottom of my bag. nice. i was not happy but what can you do?

i can’t wait for this weekend. i’m finally not traveling somewhere either tonight or tomorrow monring (although my last 3 weekends were so much fun, don’t get me wrong) it will be so nice to sleep in.

I’m determined the clean up my room, clean out my closet, & get a fresh start on spring (i know it started a few weeks ago but whatever….).

southern summer nights

well please be patient with me, i am adjusting all my previous posts to fit my new layout & wordpress. pictures are smaller & totally off centered, so i’ll get those fixed as soon as possible….

i am determined to get my website up sometime in the next week as well & start my gallery. exciting stuff.

now, can anyone tell me why my image above isn’t there? or has it mysteriously appeared now?

those stars looks like diamonds