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texas stars in a purple night, not seein em with you baby, oh they never do look right

so i’m sitting here, eating cookies, working on a corporate identity project while dinner is baking, (yes i actually made dinner, let’s see if it tastes good, this is try #2 on this recipe). i’m eating cookies and have decided that since the nutrition label is in swedish (i think it’s swedish, yes, from sweden it says) that the calories do not count. thanks. have a good day 🙂


a snake with blue eyes

my new friend, i named him rufus, even though sadly i have no idea where he is now 😦

s’mores pancakes! because all i need to survive is coffee and sugar and a little bit of water 🙂

you shouldn’ta worn that dress, you shouldn’t dance like that

so i’m pretty obsessed with arizona green tea. i drink those huge like 25 oz cans all the time. i have been toying with the idea of getting the diet. i know, it’s not that big of a decision, but most of the time when i get them it’s at the gas station, so if i don’t like it, it’s a waste and i’m out of a drink, the whole reason i stopped. so anyways, i got one the other day at the store when i got my stash of cans of green tea for the fridge. i decided i needed a green tea today because i’d already had 3 coffees and thought it was a great idea to try the diet.

it was NASTY. eww. discusting. yuck!

but on the bright side, my mom had just gotten home and thought it was tasty, so i gave it to her and drank my regular, caloric, green tea. it was delectable 🙂

SO, in conclusion. never EVER get the diet arizona green tea. thank you.

yayyyyy for fun names

kismet & company

this sounds cute? 🙂

don’t hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself

so, my sister has decided that i need to start a blog. in a way a journal. we’ll see how it goes.

i decided to name my blog “skulls, cowboy boots, & diamonds” because if you know me, i love words. i thought these words were all very descriptive of my personality yet super different. so, here it is, we’ll see what happens. off to watch sweet home alabama and probably fall fast asleep!