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all you wanted

finals this past quarter were a little crazy & different.

thesis final was a week early & my motion 2 final was a (very large) headache.

but, here it is….

(we were to do a 1:30 title sequence for a movie or tv show)

i chose the vampire diaries because i like the show & they don’t have a title sequence.

so glad i’m finished with it (& enjoying charleston this weekend).


sometimes you gotta lose till you win

today i’ve been feeling less than stellar.

headache, dizzy, chills, etc.

no fun.

but i’ve been painting the past few days.

a piece for my mom’s friend, ms. amy, to go in her living room.

i’ve still got a little more to do before it’s finished but i’m loving painting again.

it’s relaxing & therapeutic.

i think i might just keep it up.

(as long as my bank account can keep up with the canvases & paint bills).

i’ve got painting ideas coming out my ears, i can’t wait to get them on canvas.

in other news…..

annie girl has a new cousin!

(no sister did not have a baben overnight)

my aunt got a new puppy.

she’s a chinese crested powderpuff (like ann) but she’s only 10 weeks old, 2.5 pounds, & snow white.

annie is a giant compared to her.

she’s a little feisty girl too.

they’re still deciding on a name, but i think they’re going to decide on willow.

this is a picture from about 2 weeks ago.

i’ll have to get some newer ones of her & miss annie.

make me a rainbow

today is the film festival.

in 15 hours this will all be over.

(that’s a lie, i have to get the notebook all organized after the festival)

i’m not following my coffee rule today.

in times of stress i turn to coffee.

have a good day y’all,

& if you’re around the queen city,

come by the festival!

roll with it

new project:

this year i’m designing my own christmas cards!

yes, i know it’s only september.

but why not get started early?

i feel like there is going to be some annie inspiration as well.

today’s to-do list:

film festival banners & tickets.

making cupcakes.

going to earthfare.

annie needs a bath.

maybe doing the cleaning i should have done over the weekend.

a game show love connection

i might be the only person who thinks this shirt is hilarious…..

found at

because i love typography…..

okay, i’m a nerd.


i never told you

today i should be doing school work. but i just don’t have the patience for photoshop right now (it’s not my strongest point of design… i love typography & illustrator way more than pictures) & i’ve done all the other work i could do. i should be working on my portfolio but that means i’ll have to show it to people when i’ve complied some work & that scares me.

last night sarah & i went to our usual saturaday night service at elevation & it was amazing. from the music to the message. i’m not sure how to even explain it. we had a guest pastor, judah smith, from the city church in seattle, washington. the message from last night, part 4, will be posted tomorrow afternoon on elevation’s website but i’ve already subscribed to judah smith’s podcasts, that was how great is message this weekend was. i only wish last night’s music was recorded because they played 2 of my 3 favorite songs, give me faith, by elevation worship & desert song, by hillsong, i love it when that happens.

i guess i should try to do some work now….. off to the direction of my fear

picture postcard memories

today i worked on uploading some of the projects i’ve done to my portfolio page. i also designed a site for my sister…. i’m going to try coding it tonight or tomorrow & also designed a blog for sarah. we’ll see if i can get all the coding problems worked out 🙂 check out the projects i’ve already uploaded though!