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i don’t wanna be anything other than what i’m supposed to be

eclipse is out today!


can’t be tamed

taylor lautner was on regis & kelly (mark & kelly) yesterday.

great way to start my week πŸ™‚

sometime’s the only way is jumping, i hope you’re not afraid of heights

& we’re back to kristen stewart’s style.

loved loved loved the white dress she wore to the eclipse premiere.

the boys didn’t look too bad either.

behind these hazel eyes

it’s monday already.

the weekend flewwwww by.

but i got a special little reminder of it.

her name is ANNIE!

she’s a powderpuff chinese crested.

&Β too adorable for words.

we even took a trip to the pool on sunday.

she’s such a great little ball of fluff πŸ™‚

& though he never would wave goodbye, you could see it written in his eyes

5 (love the number 5) days till eclipse.

let’s blow out these city lights

new blog friday!

my sister suggested i check out this week’s new blog.

everyday musings

girl is super cute.

& currently in europe.

which makes me crazy jealous.

i’ve fallen in love with her short films on her youtube channel.

you should totally check out her blog.

happy friday loves πŸ™‚

history in the making

on june 24…..


henry viii & catherine of aragon were crowned king & queen of england.


a total solar eclipse was observed in philadelphia.


the first coffee plant was planted in hawaii on the kona coast.


pablo picasso’s first major exhibition opens at a gallery on paris’ rue lafitte.


the beatle’s recorded “if you love me baby”.


disney’s the love bug was released.


the challenger space shuttle returned after a successful 6 day flight, carrying the first american woman into space.


my sister got married.

happy anniversary sister!