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once upon a time

it’s midweek, so i’m linking up with jamie for what i’m loving wednesday 🙂

i’m loving little miss annie girl.

i’m loving that although i didn’t run (again) i did a really good workout last night.

i’m loving that i’m actually sticking to eating healthy this week (green monster smoothies are really helping).

i’m loving that my first run with my new running group from church is saturday.

i’m loving that 1 of my 9 months of school is finished.

i’m loving my new leather purse.

i’m loving that i’ve started customizing my blog some more (& added green to my berry, black & white combination) & few more changes to come soon.

i’m loving what a beautiful day it already is (hope it stays that way).

i’m loving that i (kind of) have direction with my thesis (finally).

i’m loving the color green.




hanging on to every word

linking up with jamie for what i’m loving wednesday!

i’m loving starting my day with a chapter or 2 from sun stand still.

i’m loving that i got my FAVORITE $70 gap jeans for $25 on friday.

i’m loving that my sister is coming to charlotte this weekend.

i’m loving that i get to volunteer at elevation again this weekend (can’t wait).

i’m loving that it’s already week 3 of this quarter….. only 8 more to go.

i’m loving that i’ve kept my no cokes & only 1 coffee rule for 2 days now (bit thing for me).

i’m loving these sea urchin vases & cosmopolitan elephants from shop furbish.

i’m loving the blog aisle to aloha & her too cute etsy shop.

i’m loving that it’s wednesday already.


lost inside a world all your own

today i’m linking up with jamie for what i’m loving wednesday.

i’m loving how excited annie is when i wake her up in the morning.

i’m loving that i’ve convinced my aunt & cousin to start running & do a 5k with me in february.

i’m loving the book i’m reading, sun stand still.

i’m loving that i have no morning classes.

i’m loving the song “lead me” by sanctus real.

i’m loving justin’s chocolate peanut butter i found at earthfare (i don’t like peanut butter but it’s good for protein).

i’m loving that i was fortunate enough to experience christine caine’s message when she preached at elevation this past weekend.

& of course i’m loving that after tomorrow only 9 weeks of this quarter left at school!

beauty queen of only eighteen

linking up with jamie for what i’m loving wednesday.

i’m loving that i turned in my last 2 projects for my editing class last night.

i’m loving that i have 2 classes today then no more class this quarter (just a few online assignments).

i’m loving my new leather jacket (from the juniors department at belk, on sale for $20 & mom gave me $10 of her belk bucks, $11 & change after taxes 🙂 )

i’m loving caramel apple cider & eggnog lattes at starbucks.

i’m loving my new jessica simpson oxfords.

i’m loving that i get to go to the beach on friday 🙂

i’m loving that since it’s finals i have an excuse to drink as much coffee as i want.

i’m loving that i deactivated facebook this week for finals (maybe for longer).

i’m loving reading blogs during finals, it makes me feel better that i’m not the only one that goes slightly insane.

i’m loving that it’s SNOWING on my blog (ha, yes i am a nerd).

i’m loving that next week i get to bake for my mom & aunts ornament exchange.

i’m loving that after noon today i don’t HAVE to look at code/decipher code/care about code (unless i want to) until like january 8th.

oh wednesday, i’m glad it’s the last one of the quarter.

left a small town, never looked back

linking up with jamie today for what i’m loving wednesday!

i’m loving that i have ONE week left before break. that’s 4 classes to sit through, 1 tonight, 1 tuesday night & 2 next wednesday.

i’m loving that i finished decorating my snowy owl tree yesterday 🙂

i’m loving that sister & tara’s black & white party is NEXT weekend.

i’m loving my new scarf & gloves from jamie at inspired mess.

i’m loving capital letters 🙂

i’m loving coffee.

i’m loving little miss annie, even though she gets into trouble all the time 🙂

i’m loving this cold weather (even though it’s FREEZING).

i’m loving lights & the smell of christmas.

finally, i’m loving that it’s wednesday & my school week is ALMOST over 🙂


happy wedneday y’all!

this night is sparkling

i decided to do what i’m loving wednesday with jamie today! join in 🙂

i’m loving that it’s december 🙂

i’m loving how sweet little annie girl is.

i’m loving that we went to the mountains over the weekend & got a christmas tree & now the house smells WONDERFUL.

i’m loving that i have 2 weeks of classes left.

i’m loving that eclipse comes out on dvd friday at midnight.

i’m loving that i’m almost DONE with my christmas shopping (still have some little crafty’s to make).

i’m loving that i found new skinny jeans at gap over the weekend that i DON’T have to keep pulling up because they stretch out.

i’m loving peppermit joe joe’s from trader joes.

i’m loving that it’s FINALLY cold outside 🙂

what are you loving?


what i’m loving wednesday_ 11.17.10

i’m loving…..

that i’m 90% sure i’m going to wilmington for the weekend to see sarah & get a mini vacation.

that last week was midterms, which means more than half way through this quarter AND i finished my last gen ed class, with an A 🙂

that after my 2 classes today i have 1 actual class & 2 days of work till thanksgiving break 🙂

that iced gingerbread clif bars are in stores (but i hate that they are only out around the holiday!)

& while i’m on the protein bar subject, that pure bars & bumble bars are gluten-free & vegan & taste good!

link up with jamie & tell what you’re loving today!