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pour down like rain

monday confessions.

[one] i had 3 cups of coffee yesterday, but since it was the weekend & i was volunteering at church while i had all of them, it’s okay.

[two] i still only have 1 idea for my “no shorter than 10 ideas” list for thesis topics & 7 hours until i need to turn it in. (help!)

[three] i was in a bad mood saturday night while we were having dinner for my grandpa’s birthday & now i feel bad about it.

[four] i’m slightly (completely) obsessed with those spinach monster shakes now that i started making them.

[five] i wish i could record worship on sundays because i like some songs better when our worship leaders sing them than the ones i can buy on itunes.



at a red light in the sunshine


a. mila kunis is beautiful.

b. her sag awards dress was gorgeous.

c. although i thought black swan was… strange… her performance was amazing.

d. that’s all, happy sunday.

finding myself at a loss for words

i love it when family is all together.


_casa_de_isabelle_ of course everything is black & white

oh wistera.

i really really really want this black & white (okay, camel) moorish chest of drawers.

who wouldn’t.


pocket change.

i kinda (okay, really) love this gesture drawing too.

but i took life drawing, i could do this/i have about 6 million of these drawings in my closet.

saves me $500.



chasing dreams, what about us?

well here i am on thursday afternoon, only about a third of the way through my law assignment for the day (okay 300 words is not a lot, so only 200 left is definitely not a bad place to be 14 hours before it’s due) & looking up the health benefits of spinach.

i was pleasantly surprised to read about all that spinach does, i mean, i knew it was healthy, but apparently it is wayyy better than i realized.

it’s good for the eyes, it’s full of antioxidants (which helps fight against cancer), it’s full of iron which can lead to higher energy levels, has vitamins a, c, & e (all of which help reduce high cholesterol), it has vitamin k (which helps with bone strength), has potassium & low sodium reducing high blood pressure levels, helps to regulate blood sugar levels, it’s full of fiber and low in calories, can help reduce the signs of aging (wrinkles), and helps build strong teeth.


so why am i looking up the health benefits of spinach?


i made the green monster smoothie i found on katie’s blog for my lunch today.

but mine wasn’t green, it was brownish.

about 3 cups of spinach, 3 strawberries, a half a cup of blueberries (i added the blueberries, maybe that’s where the brown color happened), a banana, soy milk, splenda, & ice.

i am HOOKED.

i’m probably going to make another before i go to my class tonight.

today in 5 pictures_ 1.27.11






little things, sweet inspirations, girly shoes, adorable shades, a sense of freedom. finally.

hanging on to every word

linking up with jamie for what i’m loving wednesday!

i’m loving starting my day with a chapter or 2 from sun stand still.

i’m loving that i got my FAVORITE $70 gap jeans for $25 on friday.

i’m loving that my sister is coming to charlotte this weekend.

i’m loving that i get to volunteer at elevation again this weekend (can’t wait).

i’m loving that it’s already week 3 of this quarter….. only 8 more to go.

i’m loving that i’ve kept my no cokes & only 1 coffee rule for 2 days now (bit thing for me).

i’m loving these sea urchin vases & cosmopolitan elephants from shop furbish.

i’m loving the blog aisle to aloha & her too cute etsy shop.

i’m loving that it’s wednesday already.