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last christmas i gave you my heart

well i FINALLY finished decorating my tree this morning.

since i didn’t have anything done for the christmas blog challenge post.

i’m actually using it for a final project, i have to make a documentary, so i filmed picking it, cutting it down, hauling it in, lights, decorations, & annie trying to eat it.

hoping i’ll get the majority of the editing done tonight in class.

here are a few shots of the snowy owl tree.

mom got me these sequin things & i decided to stick them out the top instead of a bow or star. i nestled my black & sparkle owl on them to finish it off.

owls owls!

& more owls 🙂

new snowy owl mrs. yvonne gave me for painting a banner/mural thing for mr. jim’s birthday.

the finished tree. i’m going to have to get sister to take some better pictures with her cool camera when she gets here.

happy tuesday & 18th days till christmas 🙂


these are the words i held back, as i was leaving

this weekend was a whirlwind.

thursday, friday, & saturday i was basically sleep walking from the lack of sleep i’ve gotten in the past 2 weeks, but i sure had fun doing it.

sister & tara came into town thursday night & we had tea & halloween cookies we forgot to make for halloween.

saturday friday we hit cracker barrel & had the most delicious cinnamon strudel french toast (yes, from cracker barrel) & i even spurgled & had eggs & bacon & it was amazing. this breakfast was to fuel us up for the southern christmas show. we had a great time, bought more than we’ve ever bought at the show.

we stopped by the north carolina wine shop & did a few tastings (i may have a new favorite red wine) & finished the show at the international wine booth. this place is my favorite because they had cognac & a brandy that were delicious!

i love the christmas show because they have the best food to taste & this year i got a puff dog for lunch. it’s a hot dog wrapped in puff pastry. unhealthy & i loved it (so did sister).

we went back to pure taqueria for dinner friday night & i had another amazing meal & margarita & wayy too many chips & salsa. after dinner we spent about 5 hours discussing drawing names for chirstmas/not doing presents for adults/budgets/etc. & finally got around to actually drawing names, i may have fallen asleep during this ordeal.

& this weekend i FINISHED my last gen ed class! so excited! & i got an A 🙂 🙂

hope you had a good weekend as well, back to school work now, i started another online class this week…..

the stars can’t line up any straighter

the weekend at the beach was a much needed mini-vacation & the festival was so much fun. i got my funnel cake & lemonade & we wandered the rows of vendors on saturday & sunday. saturday afternoon sister & i met up with friends at the local wine shop for a wine tasting. it was great to catch up & the weather was perfect. sister & i took lots of fun/face making pictures, people were looking at us weird, but oh well 🙂

[last 2 pictures are from my sister]

clothes make me happy_ 10.11.10

(wow, it’s been like 384435 years since i did a clothes make me happy_ post).

i spent the morning with ellison, she wasn’t feeling well & her mom didn’t want her to go to school with a bug. i took advantage of her presence & had her snap this look of the day instead of using the slightly grainy webcam shot.

dress: idk who made it, but it’s from tjmaxx.

sweater: kristen davis, from belk.

tights: hue, from the hue store.

boots: madeline suart, from sole searching.

belt: betsey johnson, from marshalls (it was a steal at $12).

jewelry: where do i start?

i really love this outfit because it’s fun & different & totally me. i’ve got to give it a rest with these riding boots though 🙂

your string of lights are still bright to me

sunday’s are always peaceful.

after church yesterday some of the family met for brunch at bricktops.

they have the best food!

(remember the french hamburger?)

we always get the homemade donuts & dipping sauce to start with.

& yesterday i had banana french toast with homemade whipped cream & the most delicious bacon.

we walked around outside after, it was such a beautiful day.

liam has a science experiment book he hasn’t put down, he was trying to decide on his next experiment.

last week he made a marshmallow gun, it was hilarious.

ellison is such a sweet girl.

her birthday is getting closer & closer!

i can’t believe she’s going to be a teenager this year,

it doesn’t seem possible.

(sister & i already have her present,

we’re usually last minute,

but this year we’re super excited about it!)

she said i could make her party invitations, so i’m going to work on those this week 🙂

hope y’all had a wonderul weekend as well,

it was beautiful!

roll with it

new project:

this year i’m designing my own christmas cards!

yes, i know it’s only september.

but why not get started early?

i feel like there is going to be some annie inspiration as well.

today’s to-do list:

film festival banners & tickets.

making cupcakes.

going to earthfare.

annie needs a bath.

maybe doing the cleaning i should have done over the weekend.

you know that it all takes my breath away

for birthday my in july my sister gave me a purple crystal studded humanity bracelet.

i had never seen them before but i instantly fell in love with it.

[view the wrap-around bracelets here]

i’ve worn it everyday since my birthday.

so what’s this bracelet all about?

everyday you’re supposed to focus on the word or words that are on top after you wrap it around your wrist.

today, “believe” landed on top 🙂

but wait…..

last week my sweet mother gave me ANOTHER humanity bracelet 🙂

but it’s a navy blue cuff with “faith” stitched across it & humanity written all over it in different languages.

[the cuff bracelets are here]

it’s beautiful & if you know me, totally my style.

there are a few other styles as well.

check out their website.