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christmas blog challenge_ day 8

it’s day 8 of the christmas blog challenge, hosted by aly & molly!

least favorite thing about the holidays.

my least favorite thing is that some people don’t have a family to spend the holiday’s with & some families cannot afford to get presents for their children.

i get sad when i think that some elderly people are in nursing homes & no one comes to visit them.

i don’t think you have to get presents to have a good christmas but it makes me sad that some kids won’t get anything.

my mom & i always go shopping for operation christmas child where you fill a shoe box full of necessities & fun little toys for christmas. i found disney princess stuff & hello kitty stuff this year for the 2 little girl boxes (i let her find the stuff for the little boys).

i hope to in the future i can do more for families & kids that need a little help around the holiday’s.


i have to go, i’m starting the morning off sad now & i need to cheer up.


i thought i had you figured out

eclipse comes out on dvd friday at midnight.


& i may be obsessed but i won’t be there at midnight.

i can wait till daylight saturday to get it.

christmas blog challenge_ day 7

the 7th day of christmas: christmas craft/diy.

i’m racking my brain to think of a holiday craft/diy that i’ve done.

& i can’t think of a single thing i’ve ever made that is holiday related.

it may be the mass of jumbled information, dates, codes, video footage, stocking stuffer ideas, christmas presents to buy, & ecommerce homework that is forever floating around my brain.

(btw did you know that the average human has 25,550,00 a year, that’s 70,000 thoughts a day, & about 3000 thoughts an hour? i didn’t, but it makes the thought of concentrating even harder, is this quarter over yet?)

when i was little my mom would help us make lifesaver trains & sleighs, i remember one time the neighbor kids came over & we made tons of them! (but i also remember i wanted to eat the candy more than i wanted to make something out of it).


i do think it would be fun to make my own garland for my tree/bannister/mantle one day.


i love the gumdrop ones (my roommate lindsey made one 2 years ago because she had a ton of cupcake,/lollipop/ice cream cone ornaments, it was very cute), & the popcorn ones, & the cranberry ones.


it might even be fun to make one out of pinecones. (does that sound ridiculous? i would totally spray paint them silver)


maybe i’ll get around to doing one of these one day. maybe.

link up with aly & molly for the 12 days of christmas blog challenge 🙂

today in 4 pictures (& an animation)_ 11.29.10







hmmm, so not ready for monday 😦

christmas blog challenge_ day 6

it’s day 6 of aly & molly’s christmas blog challenge!

today’s topic: gift ideas

blogged my christmas list last week. we drew names this year & had to give a list of 5 things under $35.

to review, new fake ray ban wayfarers, nike + ipod sport kit, any of the clothbound penguin classics, penguin cover story postcards, a recipe booth from anthropologie.

a few things i might add to my list…..

toms, either the pink glitters or the gilded herringbone.

i also love love love these cake stands on etsy.

the juliana plate is my favorite.

can’t wait to see what is on everyone else’s lists!

christmas blog challenge_ day 5

i’m a little late on this post, we went to west jefferson & blowing rock today to get a tree & shop a little. it was cold & i LOVED it! annie girl even hiked up the mountain, she was all about some christmas trees 🙂

today’s 12 days of christmas blog challenge topic is…..

favorite holiday movie/tv show special.

i have one (2) favorite christmas movie.

it’s home alone & home alone 2: lost in new york.


“are you here all my yourself?”

“ma’am, i’m eight years old. you think i’d here here alone? i don’t think so.”




“do you know how the tv works?

“i’m ten years old. tv is my life.”

i think these are hilarious & i’m not one for the cheesy christmas movies, i just can’t stand them!

christmas blog challenge_ day 4

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

i think this may have been the first year ever i didn’t eat too much.

(well i ate too much dessert)

next up, christmas! can’t wait for more family time 🙂

it’s day 4 of the christmas blog challenge….. & today’s topic is:

tips/tricks to a budget friendly holiday season.

well, first, the holiday is more about family time but what you get.

but presents are inevitable it seems, so a few tips:

shop around.

make your presents. this year i’m making some of my cousins stocking stuffers & also my mom’s present (i drew her name this year).

take advantage of free shipping when shopping online.

don’t get sucked into all those giveaways while shopping. if you don’t need to spend $75 then don’t, the free whatever isn’t really worth it.


**it’s black friday (eek!), i think everyone knows that & like i said before, i don’t do black friday.

but, at 12am today i was at the mall for 50% off gap.

mom & i went to the mall wednesday & found a ton of cute basics at gap & found out we could put them on hold & come back between midnight & 10am on black friday for 50% off.

we went to a few other stores but by 2am i was more than ready to get out of there.

now, it’s time for a nap.