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wishing time would stop right in it’s tracks

i’m headed to the coast to clear my mind & have my own roman holiday.


tuesday it’s back to work & back to school & only 9 more weeks of this quarter 🙂


you are the best thing that’s ever been mine

we’re on the way to the mountains as i write this post. i love love love asheville (so does my mom & sister) & we’re headed staright to the biltmore for an early lunch, going on a tour (that place never gets old), & then we’re off the the winery (biltmore’s limited edition chenin blanc is insane).

i’m going to TRY to remember to take lots of pictures 🙂

have a wonderful tuesday, oops i mean wednesday y’all 🙂

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we’ll run like we’ve never been so free

i have this major desire to go to europe right now, england, ireland & scotland. i just loved europe when i went (almost 2 years ago!) but i’d like to try a different region this time, one that has indoor plumbing preferably? (don’t get me wrong, the outhouse was an experience).

i also really want to go hiking right now, haven’t done that since the europe trip either **side note: that’s me in the carpathians.

in other news, i have decided that all guys should only be allowed to wear what i have decided to call non-colors, black, white & grey. please direct your attention to taylor lautner, he gets it.

you heard me right & i won’t try to fight it back

is it really only february 9th? i need a vacation already…. spring break=6 weeks & 2 days away. okay i can make that….

this spring break i’m going to be running (mostly running, probably a little walking in there as well) a 5k in southport with my sister! i’m excited but i need to get back to running now so i won’t be completely out of shape!

other than the 5k i need to think of something really fun to do before i have to start another quarter of classes in april….

i have made a little deadline/resolution for myself though. before spring break gets here i am going to write a short story/poem/something & enter a writing contest. more details to follow as i decide what to write, my subject, & what contest to enter!

till summer comes around

we went to the mountains on monday, just for the night. it had been snowing there since friday & it was super pretty. we went to the biltmore house on tuesday & my cousin liam just had to throw snowballs into the backyard of the estate. got some cute candid pictures.

love this sequence! it’s too cute. i printed the pictures to give to my aunt.

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i bet he’d understand a heart like mine

ellison and i tried to take pictures on our spontaneous mountain trip.

didn’t go so well

but we did get a few cute ones!