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stuck in colder weather

happy tuesday sunshines 🙂


i spent the majority of yesterday editing my documentary, let it render overnight (because it was going to take about 6 hours), & woke up to my pretty little .mov file sitting on my desktop 🙂

except, when i try to open it, i get a message saying, you fail this is not a movie file.

okay. well i don’t have time to try to render again & see what went wrong so i’m now converting files to edit on another program, which is going to take an hour to 2. sweet.

i’m giving myself a cut off of noon. if files are not converting properly, i’m going to have to go to school & finish editing there (which i hate).

i guess today is not a gym day either, my health is not as important as my grades right now.

in other news i think my dog is actually a pig. she eats more than i do, all 10 pounds of her. last night i made myself comfort oatmeal because it was cold & i’d spent all day at work & editing & i still had an online assignment & more editing. i ate a few bites & set it on the table next to my sofa, when to put my yoga pants & a sweatshirt on, came back & she had her nose burried in my oatmeal.

really annie? but she was so cute, so i let her eat a little more before i poured it out & made myself a bowl of cereal.

so i’m now going to get myself my 28th bowl of cereal in the past week or so & another cup of coffee & wait for the files to convert.


i think i’m just so tired/exhausted that i don’t even need sleep. just more coffee & the occasional sugary carb.


my kinda party

my coffee obsession is no more.

i still have the caffeine headache…..

but i’m just craving chamomile tea now.

much healthier.

super tasty.


& now…..

back to my tea & my final projects.

american honey

sometimes i don’t even know how to handle the things that are strangely coincidental. just had one of those moments. kind of rattled me. and changed the subject of my post. i had my coffee without any splenda this morning, it was different & i liked it better than i thought i would.

i spend too much time looking through blogs. this is what i’ve found today that strikes me.

you would think that i am starving from the pictures of food that i like.

i especially like the black & white of stanley kubrick & garret brown from the set of the shining. maybe because we’ve been studying cinematography a lot lately. the shining is a great film.

i hate that i don’t have hbo. i have to wait to watch true blood when it comes out on dvd.

after i found the taylor lautner picture at the top i decided he deserved a few more pictures.

sing the truth, lay it all right out there

today i turned in yet another david carson gallery poster. i never seems to get old (i guess that’s good since i’m going to school for this). this one (below) is a continuation of the one i turned in last week, combined with a new design. i also started on a rough digital comp of my next project… based on elvis presley & the movie blue hawaii.

i just grabbed my second cup of coffee & have about a half an hour until my religion class. i started to make a do to list for today but i think that idea went out the window when i got into a ton of traffic this morning & didn’t have my extra few minutes before class. for at least the rest of the quarter i’m going to start making to do lists though. i feel like having something written out i will use my time more wisely, less just sitting & playing on the computer (though i love my blog perusing time after i read my favorites i need to put the blogs away & come back later). & since i was basically forced to get a new phone (really i didn’t mind, love the new one so far) i need to search for an app to organize my to do list.

favorite blog post of the day (so far), fabulous k’s beautiful bungalow, check it out, that closet/attic is amazing.


have a happy day 🙂

clothes make me happy_ 4.30.10

i decided that this weekend i was going to get A LOT of work done. school & home work, which means working on projects (midterm projects are due in less than 2 weeks) & cleaning up my life at home, clothes are everywhere, along with everything else, and most of my art supplies are stuffed into random places. i’m going to try to get them semi-organized today.

but today’s productiveness at home is different. i woke up & showered & dressed & put makeup on, if i feel good then i feel like i’ll get more accomplished. so i decided to do a post about what i wear for a day like this.

dress: target (they have the best everyday, cotton dresses)
and this is a great day of clothes because i don’t have to put ANYTHING with it, unless i want to when i go run errands later.
shoes: later when i leave the house i’ll probably throw on my converses for kristin davis moccasin sandals.
oh yeah, sweet braid in my hair huh? if you know me well i don’t do my hair everyday, it’s not healthy for it, but sometimes, i know it just looks awful. so if i don’t pin it up, lately i’ve been doing this braid. it’s fun & different 🙂

and yes, the coffee cup completes the outfit 🙂

take me there

today has been one of those days. i think every thursday is like that, i think i remember a post from last thursday that started out very similar to this.

i had 2 cups of coffee by the time i had my first class at 8 am. midway through class when i was tired of my coffee breath i decided to wanted some gum. i just got a new pack of gum, i like the ice cubes (they’re shaped like cubes, haha) but the box they come in gets swished easily. so i was at target last night with my mom & in the candy aisle they had a huge, plastic container with 40 ice cubes in it. sweet, i bought it. i ate one piece last night & so did mom. this morning in class when i reached to get the container the other 38 pieces were scattered around the bottom of my bag. nice. i was not happy but what can you do?

i can’t wait for this weekend. i’m finally not traveling somewhere either tonight or tomorrow monring (although my last 3 weekends were so much fun, don’t get me wrong) it will be so nice to sleep in.

I’m determined the clean up my room, clean out my closet, & get a fresh start on spring (i know it started a few weeks ago but whatever….).

miss independent

hmmm today.

this morning was rough. i only slept 5 hours, which is typical for me now since i have to be at work/school at 8 am (except wednesday’s when i get to be lazy & come in at 9:30) & i don’t usually fall/go to sleep till midnightish or later.
i’m leaving right after work to head to cary to see my grandma, so i packed last night, but taking my bags out & down to the car this morning was a chore. i also didn’t like anything i tried on & changed my shirt 4 times & my sweater twice 😦 i feel boring in my clothes today but i guess you can’t win em all huh?

i did however have enough time between my animation class this morning & my religion class this afternoon to get a manicure (really needed it/wanted it).

check out my new color, jade is the new black by opi.

it matches the writing on my starbucks cup well.