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11 in 2011_ day 9, 10, & 11

okay. i took a little vacation from 11 in 2011 with kit & mj.

sunday i was EXHAUSTED after volunteering at church from 8 to 1.

it was my first day of volunteering & i loved it.


& yesterday was a snow day & i never really got around to it, oops.

[day nine] favorite things to do on a cold winter day.

stay in.

drink coffee.

snuggle with annie girl.

& watch marathons on tv.

yesterday was a perfect cold winter day, ellison & i made vegetable soup & cupcakes & played dominos.


[day ten] favorite girls night out event.

truth: i’d rather have a girls night in.

movie, pasta, & wine.


[day eleven] what you are looking forward to in 2011.

[one] continuing to volunteer at church.

[two] graduating & finding a real job.

[three] moving into & decorating my big girl house/condo/apartment.

[four] turning 23….. 2+3=5 & i LOVE the number 5 (today is 1.11.11, 1+1+1+1+1=5).

[five] running my first half-marathon.


11 in 2011_ day 8

day 8 of the 11 in 2011 challenge with kit & mj 🙂

[day eight] favorite healthy snacks.

i love love love raw fruits & veggies.

i pack my lunch (or at least snacks) usually when i go to school & work because there is nothing but fast food around.


[one] baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, & cauliflower.


[two] blueberries, strawberries, apples, & bananas.


[three] guacamole (which i sometimes eat on carrots instead of pita chips=soo good).


11 in 2011_ day 7

it’s day 7 of the 11 in 2011 blog challenge with kit & mj!

[day seven] favorite memory of 2010.

2010 was a tough year for me emotionally.

ups & downs & being mislead, truth, it kinda sucked a lot at times.

but there were some great times.

my favorite memory would be the weekend i adopted annie girl.

it’s been a completely different life since she came to reign as princess in this household & i NEVER know what she’s going to get into next.

she has eaten a few pens, stolen my oatmeal (among other food items), jumped her gate, escaped from her crate she sleeps in, turned ONE, learned to climb her gate, let me know in a slightly disgusting way that pig ears do not sit well on her stomach, started to bark (a lot), traveled to the mountains & the beach, & brought so much joy to my life.

[halloween 2010]

she is adorable & sweet & i’m sooooo glad she found her way into my life 🙂

11 in 2011_ day 6

link up with kit & mj for 11 in 2011.

[day six] best organization tricks.

i like to say i’m organizing & cleaning out a lot.

i really do it, but i rarely finish what i started/keep it that way.

i’m not an organized person which you could easily tell if you looked in my car, my room, on my dresser, my desk, in my closet, or (cringe) in my purse.

but i know where everything is (most of the time).

however, this year i have decided that i’m going to try to use a planner.

this is not new for me. i was all about the planner in high school, it was always in my bag & i had EVERYTHING in it. well that went out the window in college & now i forget what weekends i’m supposed to go where & events & deadlines kind of sneak up on me.

but i got this cute baekgaard planner in my stocking for christmas:

[but mine is lemon yellow & caribbean blue, & it even matches my luggage tags & passport cover. too adorable. is it time to plan a trip?]

& it’s already filled with dates & running schedules & classes & projects.

11 in 2011_ day 5

follow the 11 in 2011 challenge with kit & mj!

[day five] places you hope to go this year.

[one] washington dc.


[two] switzerland.


[three] seattle, washington.


[four] anywhere in california.


[five] nashville.


[six] montepulciano & volterra, italy.


[seven] denver, colorado.


[eight] anywhere in germany.


[nine] park city, utah.


[ten] haleiwa, hawaii.



washington dc because it’s full of history.

switzerland because i’ve heard so many stories about my grandparents trip there.

seattle has always intrigued me.

california to drive down the coast in a convertible with the top down.

nashville because i love it.

montepulciano & volterra because they’re the home of the volturi.

denver because i’ve always wanted to.

germany for the food (& beer).

park city to ski.

haleiwa to surf & eat pineapple.

11 in 2011_ day 4

link up with kit & mj for the 11 in 2011 challenge!

[day four] best leftover recipes.

what are leftovers?

we don’t have those in my house.

we either eat WAY too much or somehow cook just enough.

we have the occasional leftover desserts but they’re usually just as good cold, right out of the fridge 🙂



11 in 2011_ day 3

[day three] favorite work-out tips.

working out is simple to me (now) i used to do too much in too little a time (or want too much out of too little time?). i used to give up easily, after a few weeks if i didn’t see an improvement i was over it (maybe because patience is the fruit of the spirit i’ve NEVER been good at).

[tip 1] give it time.

i have lifted weights before but it was never my favorite, i’d rather just run or bike or use the elliptical, but i’ve learned you can’t just do one thing, you have to mix it up & do everything.

[tip 2] vary your workout, do cardio AND strength training (it will actually help your running, or at least it did mine).

i tend to over eat on weekends & holidays & all throughout may & i used to try to eat less/nothing & workout to counter this but that doesn’t work & is totally unhealthy.

[tip 3] eat healthy/enough all the time (splurging on weekends & holidays is totally okay in my book).

on the subject of working out….. i want to start trail running.

these are too adorable.

[nike air pegasus+]

link up with kit & mj for the 11 in 2011 challenge 🙂