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_casa_de_isabelle_ a kitchen affair

this is pretty.



_casa_de_isabelle_ of course everything is black & white

oh wistera.

i really really really want this black & white (okay, camel) moorish chest of drawers.

who wouldn’t.


pocket change.

i kinda (okay, really) love this gesture drawing too.

but i took life drawing, i could do this/i have about 6 million of these drawings in my closet.

saves me $500.



_casa_de_isabelle_ this is it

the other day i was”explaining” my decorating & home style to my aunt & grandma & mom & well they just didn’t understand.

i admit the description “vintagey old farmhousesque modernized sleek antiqueish” does not help.

& that’s what i told them.

& my mom promptly changed the subject because she knows sometimes i just talk to get a rise out of her.

but this is it.

this is my style.

an old & new & vintage & modern & antique & clean lined kitchen.


add some subway tiles & my collection of old coke bottles & DONE.

i heart it.


_casa_de_isabelle_ pattern play

i’m in love with the pattern on the wall.


& the black & white color scheme.

_casa_de_isabelle_ many much moosen

i’m in love with these white lacqured moose & deer heads.

i’m going to have to have them one day.

wouldn’t they look amazing on a black wall?

[via zgallerie]

hold your head high

i love black & white.

have a happy saturday 🙂

your mind is restless