update 6-1-11:

it’s been a while since there was an annie update….. she is the best little pupper STILL. no, she’s not a puppy anymore, but i will always call her that. she has a new little cousin now, her name is willow & she is also a chinese crested powderpuff. it’s amazing how many of the same mannerisms they have & then how different they are because of their upbringing (sounds like children right?). the first 9 months of annies life she lived with an older couple, who were VERY sweet to her, but she wasn’t introduced to any outside noise or anything, so she’s a little skiddish sometimes & around people she doesn’t know. willow on the other hand has been with my aunt since about 4 months & so she’s been growing up around my cousins & loud, craziness & nothing phases her. they like to play together though, so i LOVE that 🙂

update 10-21-10:

so i’m not sure how she does it but annie has now escaped from her travel crate, jumped over her baby gate, & pushed down her gate to get out of her room. the little escape artist. she now has figured out how to open the door to my room, which i usually keep closed because i have clothes on the floor & don’t want her chewing them up and then close it back. she hasn’t figured out how to get out of my room yet & has been found locked in there wimpering 3 times in the past 3 days. now she wasn’t stuck in there for long, like 5 minutes tops. she’s so sweet though, this just makes her even cuter 🙂

update 9-29-10:

little miss annie turned ONE on sunday! her little birthday party was rained out however with the monsoon we received. so we rescheduled for next weekend. we did however get little treat bags for the other puppers at her party in southport on saturday. hoping to get some cute pictures of annie, sadie, lucy, and sparrow chowing down on their ice cream this weekend 🙂

update 8-30-10…..

oh the little monster. annie ate a red pen yesterday. on my light colored carpet. so i first picked her uo, she has spread the ink around because it was on her paws & pick up the pen pieces. washed her little paws but they were still stained pink. she just looked so cute i couldn’t get mad. the ink did come out of the floor too. so this morning i re-puppy proofed her play area. what an adorable little rascal she is 🙂

update 8-10-10:

annie went to the vet this morning. she was a little confused at first. i think she thought we got up extra early to have some extra play time sweet girl. she looked out the window most of the ride to the vet and was less than amused at a yippy chihuahua when we got there. but she waited patiently for the vet to come in and was very good and mostly still during her check up. little did she know the nice vet was going to give her 2 shots later. but she didn’t squirm much, just for the 2nd one & was good when she was weighed (the little lovebug only weighs 7.8 pounds!) & when they took some blood. after a clean bill of health, about 5 treats from the vet (annie was in pupperdog heaven), and our new heartworm meds we were on our way back home. she’s such a sweetheart.

this is annie over the weekend with her 4ish cousin june.

june wanted to play so bad but annie just wanted to chew on her rawhide.

but she was tuckered our for the ride home.

my little ball of fluff & squirm baby 🙂

name: annie

birthday: september 26, 2009

breed: chinese crested powderpuff

activities: jumping, playing, lounging on the sofa, following my bff around, riding in the car, being curious, playing with my hippo & flamingo, being adorable


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