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is that the best i’ll ever be

21 things you maybe didn’t know about me 🙂

i love bananas.
i cannot stop myself from checking taylor lautner’s page almost everyday. (i will defend myself in saying i’m in front of the computer all the time because of work & school, so sometimes i just need to get away from coding & typing) obviously i have a jacob black obsession.
i love the smell of pineapples.
i’m lactose intolerant.
i love old names, the more granny sounding the better, i love grandma sweaters too.
when i eat a banana there has to be at least 4 pieces of the peel, if not one piece is too big.
i think the number 5 is the best number.
i love make-up. sometimes i wear too much but hey, who cares?
i wear black a lot. i have what i call “johnny cash” day at least once a week.
i’m in art school & hate (well hate is a little strong but… you get the point) color. everything is better black, white, or grey.
it bugs me when people spell grey with an a, i think it should be spelled with an e.

i love water & black coffee.
i have a new fascination with clif bars, they’re super good & keep me full feeling.
i love to read blogs.
i’m actually a huge nerd.
my guilty pleasure is taylor swift music, it just makes me happy.
it really bothers me if i think that people don’t like me.
i love to eat & i have a major sweet tooth.
i like really big mom cars/suv’s.
i regularly call people out for having “blonde moments” but i have them all the time too.
i went to europe almost 2 years ago & cannot wait to go back.

i’m working all day today, which is a time i can sometimes get a lot of school work done. but not today, i’m not feeling productive & since it is the beginning of the quarter who cares? i went to walmart on my lunch break to get hair dye since i had this desire while sitting here this morning to dye my hair. i chose clarol natural instincts, the color is called cherry creme. you can use this dye on your dry hair which was it’s selling point. i usually use natural instincts but not the creme. i cut through the clothes on my hair to the hair dye and stumbled upon a whole section of twilight/new moon/eclipse stuff, so of course i stopped. i have enough self control to not wear the tshirt with jacob black’s face on it but i was intrigued by some bracelets with jacob inspired charms on it….. i carried them around the store, to the hair dye, over to the clif bars (i got chocolate brownie to try this time) until i decided just as i reached the check out they were ridiculous, even though i still wanted them, i put them down….


we’ll run like we’ve never been so free

i have this major desire to go to europe right now, england, ireland & scotland. i just loved europe when i went (almost 2 years ago!) but i’d like to try a different region this time, one that has indoor plumbing preferably? (don’t get me wrong, the outhouse was an experience).

i also really want to go hiking right now, haven’t done that since the europe trip either **side note: that’s me in the carpathians.

in other news, i have decided that all guys should only be allowed to wear what i have decided to call non-colors, black, white & grey. please direct your attention to taylor lautner, he gets it.