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pretty little thing

okay, so i’m just going to make a list of “loves”
(numbered but in no particular order)
1. lilac & ivy (from my post earlier today)
2. headbands & flowers for your hair, i’ve gotta get back into wearing them more often.
3. the number 5
4. fun skirts & dresses
5. rockstar diaries (check out this headband)
6. converses (shoes in general)
7. twitter
8. new words (well new as in not overly used)
9. bangs, i wish i had my straight across bangs again, just sometimes i don’t want them.
10. my new hair color (i did it last week)
11. my small group from elevation
12. taylor lautner, i just can’t get enough
13. fly through our window, the kids are just adorable, check out today’s post especially
14. linking things (i just thought of this one)
and of course….
15. my sister


is that the best i’ll ever be

21 things you maybe didn’t know about me 🙂

i love bananas.
i cannot stop myself from checking taylor lautner’s page almost everyday. (i will defend myself in saying i’m in front of the computer all the time because of work & school, so sometimes i just need to get away from coding & typing) obviously i have a jacob black obsession.
i love the smell of pineapples.
i’m lactose intolerant.
i love old names, the more granny sounding the better, i love grandma sweaters too.
when i eat a banana there has to be at least 4 pieces of the peel, if not one piece is too big.
i think the number 5 is the best number.
i love make-up. sometimes i wear too much but hey, who cares?
i wear black a lot. i have what i call “johnny cash” day at least once a week.
i’m in art school & hate (well hate is a little strong but… you get the point) color. everything is better black, white, or grey.
it bugs me when people spell grey with an a, i think it should be spelled with an e.

i love water & black coffee.
i have a new fascination with clif bars, they’re super good & keep me full feeling.
i love to read blogs.
i’m actually a huge nerd.
my guilty pleasure is taylor swift music, it just makes me happy.
it really bothers me if i think that people don’t like me.
i love to eat & i have a major sweet tooth.
i like really big mom cars/suv’s.
i regularly call people out for having “blonde moments” but i have them all the time too.
i went to europe almost 2 years ago & cannot wait to go back.

i’m working all day today, which is a time i can sometimes get a lot of school work done. but not today, i’m not feeling productive & since it is the beginning of the quarter who cares? i went to walmart on my lunch break to get hair dye since i had this desire while sitting here this morning to dye my hair. i chose clarol natural instincts, the color is called cherry creme. you can use this dye on your dry hair which was it’s selling point. i usually use natural instincts but not the creme. i cut through the clothes on my hair to the hair dye and stumbled upon a whole section of twilight/new moon/eclipse stuff, so of course i stopped. i have enough self control to not wear the tshirt with jacob black’s face on it but i was intrigued by some bracelets with jacob inspired charms on it….. i carried them around the store, to the hair dye, over to the clif bars (i got chocolate brownie to try this time) until i decided just as i reached the check out they were ridiculous, even though i still wanted them, i put them down….

the open summer breeze will sweep you through the hills

in preparation for the birthday party, which i know is still 125 days away, i have been looking for owl inspired pastry’s and such. found this recipe from bella online & altered the colors a bit to fit my party…

chocolate puff pastry owls

makes 24

one 17&1/2 oz package of frozen puff pastry (2 sheets)
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 egg, beaten with 1 tablespoon of water
48 dark chocolate discs (wilton candy melts)
24 whole cashews
pink & yellow m&m’s

1. take the puff pastry sheets from the freezer 30 minutes before assembling the owls.
2. roll one of the sheets on a lightly floured pastry cloth to a 12×12 inch square.

3. mix the sugar & cocoa powder in a small bowl.
4. brush the pastry lightly with the egg mixture, then sprinkle liberally with the sugar/chocolate mixture.
5. roll up each side tightly to the middle, brush the middle with a little of the egg mixture to make the rolled
sides stick to each other.
6. cut rolled pastry into 12 equal slices.
7. sprinkle some of the sugar mixture on a flat plate & press each of the pastry pieces into the sugar mixture (only the bottom side – don’t turn over to coat top) while flattening with your fingers.
8. transfer each of the flattened pieces to a parchment-lined baking sheet.

9. repeat with the second pastry sheet.
10. when all are flattened, place the sheet in the freezer for about 15 mintues or in the refridgerator for 30 minutes.
11. pinch the top corner of each to resemble an owl.
12. bake in a preheated 425 degree oven for 7 minutes; remove from the oven, brush with the egg mixture & press a chocolate disc on each side to resemble eyes. press a cashew in the middle for the beak.
13. return to the oven & bake until the pastry is crisp & brown, 3-5 more minutes.
14. remove from the oven, press an m&m in the middle of each chocolate disc & cool on racks.

i’ll probably try this sometime before the party as i have learned that pastry’s are a bit hard to make after the apfelstrudel i made for christmas, it turned out but was a bit of a stresser there for a few minutes 🙂

i also found these super cute cupcakes from and it sparked my memory that i got a cupcake stand for christmas that has never been used! so, along with the cake there will eb cupcakes! not sure if i will just stick to the owls or use the flowers & birds as well, we’ll just have to see. in keeping with my number 5, i have decided that there should be 5 different desserts..
1. cake
2. puff pastry
3. cupcakes
4. cookies
5. …… any ideas on the last one?

found this adorable owl shaped cookie cutter at chio creations for only $1, should i get some greek letter ones too?

must get back to this awful video project i’m doing, it’s stressing me out & party planning was helping to destress, going to get coffee soon & maybe a little snack too 🙂

today was a fairytale

it’s not technically the first day of spring until tomorrow, but it’s gorgeous outside (an new moon comes out on dvd at midnight tonight)! & i’m inside next week is finals & my music video for audio/video is testing my stress level right now. i think i’m just going to call it quits for today (on this project at least)….

just checked out my blog roll for today (for the first time, i’ve been super busy) and the title
whoo whoo wants cake by my owl barn caught my attention because of my recent decision to throw myself (yes it’s lame) an owl themed birthday party this year (i love owls)….

see…. it is too cute 🙂

the original cake idea was also courtesy of my owl barn but i think i like this new one better! i have decided to incorporate my number 5 into the party as well…. i don’t think it will be so

in other news, i got a surprise message this morning from sunshine (i know it’s a super ridiculous name but it’s a long story), i wasn’t expecting that until sunday night & it made being up at 8:15 worth it, you don’t know how many times i wanted to pull out my phone this week to send a text to him when i was stressed.

for now, i’m packing up my bag (which reminds me, i’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it lately & it was a free gift with a calvin klein perfume, love it when that happens) and heading home, probably getting a coffee (iced for the hot day) & working on something productive (hopefully), before heading back out to amelie’s french bakery in noda with my community group from elevation. sorry for all the links, but everything i’ve mentioned today is totally worth linking 🙂

oh, it’s after 5, i’m late getting this firewire cable (that didn’t help me at all….) back to the cage, must run!

19 & crazy

owls & the number 5

and 4 ampersands…..

photos from a vintage wedding photographed by feather love photography originally posted on my owl barn

did you know i love owls & the number 5?

you were pretty as can be

i just decided what i wanted my next birthday to be. i’ve not had a big birthday party before & i don’t want big, i just want a party…..


inspiration: a blog post from my owl barn

cake: also thanks to my owl barn

more to come later 🙂