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driving around

uh oh.

i’m not sure what i did.

or when i did it.

but my hip has been hurting off & on since sunday.

i ran 6 miles monday no problem & did some leg strength training yesterday without anything hurting.

but sunday it hurt so bad, monday & tuesday it would hurt when i would twist in certain ways & today i just hurt,


it hurts to walk, to stand, to climb stairs, it hurts just sitting here typing.

& today it’s hurting in my hip & down through my lower leg.

i want to cry & throw up at the same time.

i hope i didn’t do anything bad & that i didn’t hurt my hip even more by running & exercising the past 2 days.

it’s an internal hurt, i don’t know how to make it feel better.

i wish i could just take it easy but the next 2 days are busy, i’ve got class at 1, & working on a project after, i was going to the gym tonight, but i think i’ll skip it, a meeting tomorrow morning, work all day, and another meeting tomorrow evening.

what have i gotten myself into?




gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

as the weather is getting warmer i’m making more of an effort to get into better shape.

one thing i really really want to work on is my arms.

i’ve never had much arm strength.

over the past few months i’ve been lifting weights at the gym (low weight, high reps).

& have built up to actually being able to do a real push up (which i have never been able to do before).

i’ve also been working on my abs (bikini season is just around the corner).

so i found these challenges on a fitness & healthy eating blog i read & decided to take the challenge.

one hundred pushups & two hundred sit ups (i may try the two hundred squats challenge next).

there are 6 weeks of “training” for each with the final test (of either 100 pushups for 200 situps) during week 7.

i took the initial test this morning, i completed 8 push ups & 50 sit ups.

i’m pretty excited about this challenge…..


& hopefully be ready for the beach this summer 🙂

chasing dreams, what about us?

well here i am on thursday afternoon, only about a third of the way through my law assignment for the day (okay 300 words is not a lot, so only 200 left is definitely not a bad place to be 14 hours before it’s due) & looking up the health benefits of spinach.

i was pleasantly surprised to read about all that spinach does, i mean, i knew it was healthy, but apparently it is wayyy better than i realized.

it’s good for the eyes, it’s full of antioxidants (which helps fight against cancer), it’s full of iron which can lead to higher energy levels, has vitamins a, c, & e (all of which help reduce high cholesterol), it has vitamin k (which helps with bone strength), has potassium & low sodium reducing high blood pressure levels, helps to regulate blood sugar levels, it’s full of fiber and low in calories, can help reduce the signs of aging (wrinkles), and helps build strong teeth.


so why am i looking up the health benefits of spinach?


i made the green monster smoothie i found on katie’s blog for my lunch today.

but mine wasn’t green, it was brownish.

about 3 cups of spinach, 3 strawberries, a half a cup of blueberries (i added the blueberries, maybe that’s where the brown color happened), a banana, soy milk, splenda, & ice.

i am HOOKED.

i’m probably going to make another before i go to my class tonight.

11 in 2011_ day 3

[day three] favorite work-out tips.

working out is simple to me (now) i used to do too much in too little a time (or want too much out of too little time?). i used to give up easily, after a few weeks if i didn’t see an improvement i was over it (maybe because patience is the fruit of the spirit i’ve NEVER been good at).

[tip 1] give it time.

i have lifted weights before but it was never my favorite, i’d rather just run or bike or use the elliptical, but i’ve learned you can’t just do one thing, you have to mix it up & do everything.

[tip 2] vary your workout, do cardio AND strength training (it will actually help your running, or at least it did mine).

i tend to over eat on weekends & holidays & all throughout may & i used to try to eat less/nothing & workout to counter this but that doesn’t work & is totally unhealthy.

[tip 3] eat healthy/enough all the time (splurging on weekends & holidays is totally okay in my book).

on the subject of working out….. i want to start trail running.

these are too adorable.

[nike air pegasus+]

link up with kit & mj for the 11 in 2011 challenge 🙂


it’s a beautiful ride

i wish the weekend wasn’t already over. but, 2 weeks left of this quarter & only 3 quarters left before i graduate 🙂


this weekend i did a lot of work on final projects, we had our annual rainwater family get together, & did some christmas shopping.

i decided to do the jingle bell run in wrightsville beach on the 18th because i’ll already be at the beach that weekend & i wanted to get a race in before the new year 🙂


i wanted to tell y’all about one of my sorority sisters, krista. she is running in the disney world half marathon as part of the leukemia & lymphoma society’s team. she’s almost to her fundraising goal of $2,900 (as of right now only $60 to go) to help find a cure for blood cancers.

what she’s doing makes me want to run for a reason too.

if you want to help krista reach (or pass 🙂 ) her goal, visit her fundraising page & donate 🙂

happy sunday night 🙂


i love to dance with my 2 left feet

so back in october i put a pink streak in my hair.

october is breast cancer awareness month.

and pink is the official color for breast cancer research.

i took it out sometime in early november.

but i liked it so much…..

…’s back!

i may try a shade or 2 darker though sometime soon 🙂

i have decided that i need need need to start my running again.

i’m eating healthy (for the most part)

& cutting back on coffee.

so the next logical thing to do is exercise.

the next race for the cure in the queen city is in october.

you can find me there october 2.

pink hair & all 🙂

from wanting you back…. i’ve felt it all

remember my new years resolutions? well, they’re kinda funny because i have only kind of completed one of them! i know! i’m a bit ridiculous. but, more recently i have been working on a few of them more, kind of.

saturday i ran my first 5k. i had two goals for the run.
1. run the entire thing, no stopping.
2. run in under 30 minutes.

i met both of my goals, and in running the 5k i met that resolution. i will admit i haven’t been doing the best regulating the coffee and diet coke intake, oops. i’m trying to cut the diet coke more, because well although it’s not caloric, it’s not healthy with all the acid, but i have decided that since i do not put cream in my coffee, it’s not that bad for you? and i drink a lot of water!

the eating healthier has been an up & down journey. but lately, except for the weekends, i’ve done fairly well i think. mom said my legs (aka my butt) looks a little slimmer.
willpower has gone alright as well, since i’ve kept up with the running more recently & the weekday eating healthy, i’ll give myself a b for that one!

i need to start a new devotional though, soon! we might be doing one through my elevation community group. speaking of, i missed it because i was at the beach but on sunday (easter!) elevation had their first ever easter experience, 11,500 people, 18,000 donations, & 700 salvations. wow, sad i missed it. you can hear it too

hmmmm well, i’m exhausted & we’ve only been back at school for a day….