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on a balcony in summer air


whatever makes a flower makes you strong

_casa_de_isabelle_ REpost

so i have starting reading lots of blogs thanks to my sister at white wave design, and i just need to link to the latest blog post by urban grace because well, i love books so i love bookcases (check out this black bookcase i previously fell in love with)….

so i love this post 🙂

geez, i sure got into the linking today….

time slows down whenever you’re around

so, today i was reading my usual blogs and came across this recipe for chicken tacos in a crock pot, it sounded sooooo good, but then it made me think… i don’t have a crock pot! so, the next house thing i buy (maybe ask for for my birthday… but that’s like 6 months away….) is going to be a crock pot.

one thing i think i’m relatively good at is researching what i buy, computers, tv’s, my gps, etc. so i checked consumer reports and have found this crock pot. only $39 at wal-mart, a retractable cord & removable insert for easy cleaning, too cool.

for now i’m just going to imagine how tasty the chicken tacos are going to be…. 🙂

keep on dreaming

so yesterday i was being lazy, i had a meeting at 9 am and well for one reason or another i have been staying up wayyyy to late lately, so i didn’t wake up till 8:20. (the meeting was at my house, so i didn’t actually have to go anywhere, just be presentable). so, i of course did not wash my hair, i hate doing that, it sounds gross but my hair just doesn’t get oily & if it does, that is what dry shampoo is for.

(side note: i think i hate washing my hair because i have to wash, condition… (i have super tangly hair)… then towel dry, air dry, blow dry, air dry, flat iron, it’s a huge process. and after doing this for 15 or so years, it gets old)

so, yesterday i did not wash my hair so i was going to pin it up, that’s my solution for everything, pins, usually accompanied by a headband of sorts maybe something else with flowers or beads on it. this is what i cam up with yesterday…

(side note: i don’t always use actual hair pieces for my headbands. do you know what this is?)

haha, it’s a sweet belt (huge white & cream, silk & a really pretty sheer fabric flowers… sorry for the not so good pictures) i found a j.crew for $10. i would probably never wear it as a belt but i was a little bored in the store waiting for my mom & put it on my head. the sales girl just thought it was the coolest idea ever.

let hope swell in our lives

i almost forgot! one of my new years resolutions was to do the new thru 30 series, we’re doing it as a church at elevation. it started today! sooo excited for this 🙂

life is a runaway train

i’ve just discovered the this amazing website, please refer to january 4, 2010.