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the smell of honeysuckle & your perfume

at the beach for the weekend.

trying to cheer myself up (this week was rough).

get some work done (just finished my law homework for the week).

& clear my mind (it’s spinning).

wish i brought some painting supplies (but then i wouldn’t get any school work done).

had dinner (& peanut butter pie) at proco tonight (it was just what i wanted/needed).

hoping i can catch up on some sleep too.



the summer air was heavy & sweet

happy sunday night y’all, annie & i had a busy weekend! we went to wilmington to see sarah & friends & had a blast! (totally needed to get out of the qc for a while)

friday we had dinner on the water & started our own little dance party downtown.

& saturday we were lazy, had lunch, sat on the beach, watched the ncsu/unc game, & ate celebration (birthday) cake!

today was BEAUTIFUL (well friday & saturday were too). we went to church (& they even sang an elevation song!), had a huge brunch, & sat on the dock & chatted.

wrightsville beach


annie at the beach


wrightsville beach

it was a much needed weekend away & i miss wilmington already!

these are the words i held back, as i was leaving

this weekend was a whirlwind.

thursday, friday, & saturday i was basically sleep walking from the lack of sleep i’ve gotten in the past 2 weeks, but i sure had fun doing it.

sister & tara came into town thursday night & we had tea & halloween cookies we forgot to make for halloween.

saturday friday we hit cracker barrel & had the most delicious cinnamon strudel french toast (yes, from cracker barrel) & i even spurgled & had eggs & bacon & it was amazing. this breakfast was to fuel us up for the southern christmas show. we had a great time, bought more than we’ve ever bought at the show.

we stopped by the north carolina wine shop & did a few tastings (i may have a new favorite red wine) & finished the show at the international wine booth. this place is my favorite because they had cognac & a brandy that were delicious!

i love the christmas show because they have the best food to taste & this year i got a puff dog for lunch. it’s a hot dog wrapped in puff pastry. unhealthy & i loved it (so did sister).

we went back to pure taqueria for dinner friday night & i had another amazing meal & margarita & wayy too many chips & salsa. after dinner we spent about 5 hours discussing drawing names for chirstmas/not doing presents for adults/budgets/etc. & finally got around to actually drawing names, i may have fallen asleep during this ordeal.

& this weekend i FINISHED my last gen ed class! so excited! & i got an A 🙂 🙂

hope you had a good weekend as well, back to school work now, i started another online class this week…..

i find you stunning

i had a wonderful dinner saturday night with friends from small group after church. we went to a new place in downtown matthews called pure taqueria, it was sooooo good. i had THE BEST hamburger (don’t judge, it had guacamole & chipotle mayonnaise & all the mexican style fixings).

we had such a great time, catching up, discussing the sermon, & just having girl time. it was perfect & left me feeling refreshed & hungry to move forward with my life right now. i’ve got a lot i’m thinking about & a lot i’m feeling better about other things because i’ve gotten a new perspective.


hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

here’s to a productive & fun week 🙂

the stars can’t line up any straighter

the weekend at the beach was a much needed mini-vacation & the festival was so much fun. i got my funnel cake & lemonade & we wandered the rows of vendors on saturday & sunday. saturday afternoon sister & i met up with friends at the local wine shop for a wine tasting. it was great to catch up & the weather was perfect. sister & i took lots of fun/face making pictures, people were looking at us weird, but oh well 🙂

[last 2 pictures are from my sister]

it’s alright, just wait & see

happy friday y’all 🙂

this week’s new blog is very sweet.

letters from coco

first, i love the header.

typewriter font is my FAVORITE.

her blog is very cute & very inspirational 🙂

i love the weekly recaps on fridays.

have a wonderful day y’all & a wonderful weekend,

i’ll be re-reading/watching/spark noting the scarlet letter,

& getting some other school work done,

& hitting the gym.

one more candle

annie’s first birthday party!

ha, yes i know, she’s a dog.

but she’s my little baby 🙂

all annie’s cousins were there, lucy, sadie & sparrow.

(they’re all australian blue heelers)

the pups all had a wonderful time!

annie looks like she’s ready to go skydiving with her harness on.

in the car on the way to meet everyone.

hey lucy!

papaw thought we were being crazy throwing a puppy birthday party.

annie loved her birthday ice cream 🙂

mamaw & papaw got her the sweetest pink sweater with a skull on it!

can we go home yet? i’m tired.

annie had such a great birthday!

next pupper birthday? sparrow & lucy were born in february, we can’t wait!