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you wore a dark grey tshirt


we’ll run like we’ve never been so free

i have this major desire to go to europe right now, england, ireland & scotland. i just loved europe when i went (almost 2 years ago!) but i’d like to try a different region this time, one that has indoor plumbing preferably? (don’t get me wrong, the outhouse was an experience).

i also really want to go hiking right now, haven’t done that since the europe trip either **side note: that’s me in the carpathians.

in other news, i have decided that all guys should only be allowed to wear what i have decided to call non-colors, black, white & grey. please direct your attention to taylor lautner, he gets it.

everything i need that i never knew i wanted

on & on & on & on

things i want right now

1. coffee
2. a glass of wine (not with the coffee)
3. a new pair of skinny jeans that don’t sometime make me feel fat (i’ve worn my black ones two days in a row now because i put my denim ones on & i just wasn’t feeling it. i had to wear skinny jeans today because i wanted to wear my overly sparkly jeffrey campbell flats & wearing anything with them but skinny’s or tights just wouldn’t do them justice.)
***side note: these are the jeffrey campbell miami sequin in multi color, just picture them in black & silver 🙂
4. to write a letter to someone
5. for this writers block (that is speech writers block) to go away. i have to speak about the negative effects of junk food tomorrow & i just can’t get my thoughts on paper….. or on msword
6. a free week, class just doesn’t seem like anything i want to do this week.
7. find a super cute little house to rent so i can decorate
8. the new twilight movie (eclipse) to be in theaters now, i’m impatient

that’s what makes it a love song

two blogs in one day….. two days i a row….. crazy…..okay so lent started yesterday but i’ve been a bit behind lately so i started today. i have given up facebook & diet coke (well any carbonated soda type beverages). it took me a little bit to agree to the facebook part (

sarahmont is giving up facebook as well) but i think it’s going to be a great thing. i realized not only is giving up facebook an absolutely minuscule thing to do, but i could spend my time doing more important things. time with my family, reading the Bible (i’m still not quite finished with NewThru30… i’m working on it!), homework & projects (this quarter ends at just about the same time as lent so this should help with distractions), & i think this will lead me to blog more as well as write more in general. not to mention the satisfaction of resisting the temptation.

screenshot of my facebook just a few minutes ago, i’ll be deactivating soon…
and yes if you were wondering… that is a firefox navigation bar with jacob black on it.
please don’t be jealous.
if you are a firefox user, you can get one here.
and no, they are not limited to the taylor lautner or the twilight saga.
i’m just a little obsessed.

so, i hope to be blogging more regularly & getting a little more healthy without all the acid & carbonation of diet coke. **side note: sarah tried to get me to give up coffee but i decided for the well being of everyone that it was a bad idea, no need to make me unnecessarily grumpy.

half of my heart’s got a right mind to tell you

as i was going through blogs yesterday reading recent posts i found this one & of course thought these postcards were amazing! i already have a book collection (that is still seriously in progress because you can never have too many books) because i love how the spines look when displayed on a bookshelf.

i got to thinking about the post cards & how they would be really amazing as artwork. so when i can decorate a room again i’m going to use book covers as art. but, i love big art so i found this website where you can order small to poster sized book covers. **side note: this was such a better use of time than actually paying attention in class 🙂

i looked through some of the pages of book covers available & pulled a few book that i love that also coordinate with my current colors. a few of the sensational (great word) covers that i cannot wait to purchase!

depending on the size i choose i’m not sure how many i’m actually going to need. i think using the covers will give me more colors to work with but will still look great with my red, black, & white base colors. the dracula one might be one of my favorites & it’s a great way to tie purple into my room! and yes, even the twilight books will be used (i think they’d be great for a hallway since there are 4).

in other news, i have recently decided (as of this morning) that i like raspberries. i used to hate them, the smell, the taste, the seeds you get stuck in your teeth, everything. i always skip over the raspberry hot chocolate in the godiva box for this reason of raspberry hatred but this morning i thought, hey i’m just going to try it, it sounds good. and it was! now this may get interesting, i can’t wait to try a raspberry latte from starbucks **side note: my roommate when i lived in durham used to always get raspberrry latte’s & raspberry coffee. it always sounded disgusting until now!

you’ll think of me