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and don’t ever look back

is it really already august 31st?


i’m wearing cowboy boots today.

i don’t care how hot it is.

they’re always cute & always acceptable.

i totally want some like this:


for today though, i am going to try to be productive…..

because the 2nd half of my day yesterday was NOT.

have a wonderful tuesday y’all 🙂


sometimes you gotta look up

the one thing that i could always eat is a hamburger.

i love them.


yesterday after church mom, dad, sister & i ventured over to southpark to eat at bricktops.

i always get breakfast.

i love breakfast too.

but yesterday they had a french hamburger on the menu.

description: ground beef hamburger, with a fried egg, bacon, & some sort of french cheese on a roll.

now, i didn’t get the cheese but y’all…..


this morning i googled the burger and found this:

the lady’s brunch burger.

[via paula dean]

hi. my name is elizabeth & this would probably be the best thing i’ve ever eaten.

(because other than hamburgers & breakfast, i LOVE doughnuts).

i’m going to have to try the recipe one day.

so put on your best boys

today i’ve got a big to-do list.

before work:

1. play with annie.

2. re-puppy proof my bedroom.

3. clean-up/pick-up.

4. go by earthfare for new/more vitamins.

at work:

5. aesthetics discussion questions.

6. designs for max huber exhibit website.

7. biography about max huber.


here it goes.

happy monday y’all 🙂

all the city lights on the water

i’m not gonna lie.

i saw taylor swift’s new music video yesterday & i love it.

the jump cut style is my favorite & the story is great.

[stills via]

i love to lay here lazy

i really really need this weekend.

although i still have some aesthetics work to do, i’m going to relax & have a great few days.

i feel very productive already.

i’ve done laundry & cleaned & even had a little chat with my sweet mamaw.

little annie & i have a shopping agenda today.

then lunch with a sorority sister at southpark.

home to do some reading.

then tonight…. surprise 🙂

someone’s coming to visit 🙂

i CAN’T wait 🙂


you are the only exception

happy friday y’all 🙂

this week’s new blog…..

lavender & lillies

delicious sounding recipies

(check out the key lime cupcakes from yesterday…..

i’m going to have to try these!)

cute clothes & styles.

& even a few posts on going vegan 🙂

(no i’m not vegan, but i like the idea of it, maybe again one day)

check out her blog!

see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns


hmm another less than 80 degree day.

love it.

it’s a cowboy boots & jeans day.