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you’d be something to lose

yesterday was great.

the lake.

figuring out life/how to go about the day with sarah.

trip across charlotte with a few of my favorite people.


speed street for corey smith.

hopefully sarah will post the good pictures later 🙂

it’s off to the 600 now.

after some cinnamon buns 🙂


heading east & driving faster

the weekend & i will bond very well over the next 3 days.

off to subs & sundaes with mom & her class.

then to the pool for a little sunshine.

before speedstreets tonight.

then sarah’s for a reunion.


happy weekend 🙂

clothes make me happy_ 5.27.10

so i mentioned by new black lace skirt from forever 21.

i’m wearing it today.

skirt: forever 21

grey tshirt: belk

sandals: black kensie darlene’s

alligator ring: chloe & lola

necklace: from my mom

a perfect simple kind of loving

i love…..


& anything involving cupcakes.

i want this shirt [via].

my new haircut.

i actually got it cut 2 weeks ago.

but i finally got it styled the way i like it.

mini skirts.

i just got a cute new one from forever 21.

it’s black & lace.

ian somerhalder.

besides those gorgeous eyes


he’s all about saving the planet

& little puppy dogs too.


sometimes (all the time) i hate the traffic.

but we have racing.

& it’s 600 weekend.


that’s not new.

just take my hand & we’ll steal away


i’m in a mood.

i’m grumpy & irritable.

& i hate it.

i wish it would go away.


every street light reveals a picture in reverse

“dear monday thanks for having the word “mon” in you. that’s french for “mine”, in case you weren’t aware, monday, but it makes me think of you more as “my day”, and frankly that sounds like a much more promising start to the week. best,”



completely adorable.

that’s all.

the weekend was lovely, just too short.

i hate the new starbucks lids, mine is leaking allll over.

i’ve started a sort of a raw/organic food diet. it’s day 1.

i also started a food journal, hope it will help me cut down on snacking.


finally now believing