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i don’t want the whole world, the sun, the moon & all their light

the nerd side of me has taken over once again.

i am now the owner of a 3 dvd set from the history channel:

“the presidents. the lives & legacies of the 43 leaders of the united states.”


i also scored a 1961 copy of a book about the kennedy’s, “the kennedy circle”, for my collection & a copy of “the swiss family robinson” printed in 1963.



probably mindless dreaming

i love books. it’s an addiction, almost as bad as my boot/shoe addiction. & apparently i have an addiction to books about past presidents.

i got a new coffee table book over the weekend, about president & mrs. reagan.

"president reagan"

[sorry about the blurriness]

such a sweet book & beautiful pictures.

& the best part, i only paid $2.

happy wednesday y’all 🙂

in that old blue chair

this looks fun.


life in a northern town

hi. i’m elizabeth & i obsessed with books.

(as you can tell from 2 posts ago…..)

but look what else i just found:

from uk penguins’s (red) edition.

these 3 are my favorites 🙂

(dracula is my very favorite though…..)

walk by the moonlight and down to the riverside

i’ve been admiring these books at anthropologie for a while now.

they used to only have 4 or 5 titles.

but now they have tons!

i love books,

& these covers are adorable!

a few of my favorites…..

find them & others here.

i remember what you wore on the first day

happy tuesday 🙂

today, i turned in another draft of another david carson inspired poster.

still have some work to do, but i like how it’s shaping up. maybe i’ll work them into a series? not sure, it’s just to so much 🙂

i also discovered that i have a new book i need to (yes, need is correct, it’s not just a want, it’s amazing) buy. it’s one of david carson’s, trek, and it’s surprisingly not expensive. that makes me happy, if you ever get a chance to even just look through it, it’s totally worth your time.

i also decided that instead of having a whole separate website from this blog i am going to add a gallery page. just need to adjust my current gallery page and info about my designs to fit here. exciting stuff.

along the same lines i’m working on putting together a digital portfolio to send to a friend, hoping a can do some work for him. so i must get going.

oh, by the way, like the new signature for the end of each post?

half of my heart’s got a right mind to tell you

as i was going through blogs yesterday reading recent posts i found this one & of course thought these postcards were amazing! i already have a book collection (that is still seriously in progress because you can never have too many books) because i love how the spines look when displayed on a bookshelf.

i got to thinking about the post cards & how they would be really amazing as artwork. so when i can decorate a room again i’m going to use book covers as art. but, i love big art so i found this website where you can order small to poster sized book covers. **side note: this was such a better use of time than actually paying attention in class 🙂

i looked through some of the pages of book covers available & pulled a few book that i love that also coordinate with my current colors. a few of the sensational (great word) covers that i cannot wait to purchase!

depending on the size i choose i’m not sure how many i’m actually going to need. i think using the covers will give me more colors to work with but will still look great with my red, black, & white base colors. the dracula one might be one of my favorites & it’s a great way to tie purple into my room! and yes, even the twilight books will be used (i think they’d be great for a hallway since there are 4).

in other news, i have recently decided (as of this morning) that i like raspberries. i used to hate them, the smell, the taste, the seeds you get stuck in your teeth, everything. i always skip over the raspberry hot chocolate in the godiva box for this reason of raspberry hatred but this morning i thought, hey i’m just going to try it, it sounds good. and it was! now this may get interesting, i can’t wait to try a raspberry latte from starbucks **side note: my roommate when i lived in durham used to always get raspberrry latte’s & raspberry coffee. it always sounded disgusting until now!