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stir a fire in us

this morning i read another sun stand still chapter.

i really love starting my day with positive quiet time, much better than morning tv & interviews with snooki.

(no offense snooki but listening to you talk about the jersey shore is not important to me in the morning….. (or ever)).

this morning’s chapter was on sacrifice.

sounds scary but really it’s not.

a quote from the book that stuck with me, “no sacrifice is too great for the sake of God’s calling” (chapter 8).

sometimes we have to give something (someone) up because God has something better.



there is a faith proved of more worth than gold

i woke up at 7 this morning.

laying there i thought, why am i awake?

after being on the go for the past 48 hours i shouldn’t be awake, i should be tired, & sleeping, & struggling to wake up a few hours later to get ready for work.

that wasn’t the case.

at 7:15 i decided to just get up, woke annie up, took her out, fed her, & made a cup of coffee.

watching annie eat her breakfast i was still thinking “why am i not sleeping? i don’t remember the last day i really slept in.”

i thought about all i’d done in the past few days, spending friday with my grandparents & aunt, cleaning up & organizing saturday, volunteering sunday at church & hearing a wonderful message from christine caine, driving the the coast, watching mafia movies & eating pasta, going to the aquarium & napping on a lazy monday afternoon.

i remembered seeing a book on sarah’s coffee table.

sun stand still.

i have it too.

but i’d been “so busy” i hadn’t read it.

maybe this was why i was awake when i really shouldn’t have been.

i settled annie down with a chew toy & pulled out my copy of sun stand still & began to read.

i became angry with myself that it had taken me so long to open this book. i should have done it 5 months ago when i got my copy. but now, a few chapters in i realize being angry with myself is ridiculous, it’s done & it’s over.

this morning i started my day with this quote from pastor steven’s book echoing in my mind, “if you’re not daring to believe God for the impossible, you’re sleeping through some of the best parts of your Christian life” (sun stand still, page 6).

i’ve been asleep for so long now & i didn’t even realize it.

carry hope & let love shine

for the first sermon on 2011 elevation was once again amazing.

it was 3 parts, 3 campus pastors, & 3 very great points to think about in the new year.

we didn’t sing the church tonight, but i love this song.

but some friends heard a message centered around this one word initiative.

one word to focus on in the new year & in the future.

my one word: SELFLESS.

this word ties into the elevation message tonight as well.

more on this later 🙂


i find you stunning

i had a wonderful dinner saturday night with friends from small group after church. we went to a new place in downtown matthews called pure taqueria, it was sooooo good. i had THE BEST hamburger (don’t judge, it had guacamole & chipotle mayonnaise & all the mexican style fixings).

we had such a great time, catching up, discussing the sermon, & just having girl time. it was perfect & left me feeling refreshed & hungry to move forward with my life right now. i’ve got a lot i’m thinking about & a lot i’m feeling better about other things because i’ve gotten a new perspective.


hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

here’s to a productive & fun week 🙂

give me faith

album release!

yay yay yay!

this morning at church we had a “concert with a cause” for the worship band’s new album release.

(which will be officially released on itunes tuesday)

& how exciting…..

we all received free, advanced copies!

of course i put it in the cd player RIGHT when i got back in the car.

it’s amazing.

go to itunes & purchase on tuesday…..

all proceeds on tuesday go to turn on the tap.

all the songs are amazing 🙂

happy sunday y’all!

send me away with the words of a love song

i stayed home this weekend. it was sad at first, no trip to georgia, no beach, no “vacation” feel. but after the initial “shock” of being alone, i found i really, really needed to stay in the queen city.

i caught up my laziness and lounged some friday….. & pretty much all day saturday.

cleaned out clothes i don’t wear & have 3 whole bags to giveaway.

yesterday i went to elevation for the first time since….. may? i knew i missed it, but not this much. it was a perfect pick me up, a perfect message for where i am in life & a perfect way to start the week. watch or listen to it later here. this series, christ alone, started last week. & i can’t wait till next week.

i am going to be productive this week, use all my time wisely, and not feel down anymore.

i never told you

today i should be doing school work. but i just don’t have the patience for photoshop right now (it’s not my strongest point of design… i love typography & illustrator way more than pictures) & i’ve done all the other work i could do. i should be working on my portfolio but that means i’ll have to show it to people when i’ve complied some work & that scares me.

last night sarah & i went to our usual saturaday night service at elevation & it was amazing. from the music to the message. i’m not sure how to even explain it. we had a guest pastor, judah smith, from the city church in seattle, washington. the message from last night, part 4, will be posted tomorrow afternoon on elevation’s website but i’ve already subscribed to judah smith’s podcasts, that was how great is message this weekend was. i only wish last night’s music was recorded because they played 2 of my 3 favorite songs, give me faith, by elevation worship & desert song, by hillsong, i love it when that happens.

i guess i should try to do some work now….. off to the direction of my fear