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don’t be stupid

happy monday morning!

i had a busy but super productive weekend.

i worked late friday night, had a chi omega alum meeting saturday morning & worked a few hours after that too.

saturday when i got home i was in the mood to clean up & out.

& that’s what i did.

i took a few dresses & some shoes to my cousin & packed up the rest for giveaway.

& it’s rare that i get rid of shoes.

i love mondays because i love monday confessions.

[one] i love shania twain & i’m glad she’s back! i’m going to have to go to vegas next year to see her show. i’ve been listening to my shania twain station on pandora all weekend.

[two] i spent saturday night home, by myself, watching sabrina. i love audrey hepburn.

[three] i think i am going to cancel my gym membership because i just don’t have time to go. i can run outside & i started jillian michaels 30 day shred yesterday. but i haven’t totally made up my mind yet.

[four] i’m super excited in less than a month (july 6th) flipping out will be back on 🙂

[five] i’m obsessed with smoothies lately, especially double banana & honey.

van gogh cake


i LOVE this cake.

have a happy monday y’all 🙂


sunrise, there’s a fire in the sky

monday confessions on a tuesday night.

it’s been a little busy, next week is the end of the quarter & final projects, thesis & internship are taking up a lot of my time.

[one] i’m more than obsessed with dark chocoalte covered banana chips. i’ve been so busy the past 3 weeks that i haven’t had a chance to go to earthfare to get more & i’m pretty sure i’ve been thinking about them excessively.

[two] after sharepoint training all day yesterday all i could think about was nachos & i proceeded to pick some up on the way to thesis & then stuff my face. i ate them all. did i mention my thesis is is on eating healthy in today’s world of fast food? haha. i gave my level 2 thesis presentation right after everyone watched me eat them all. love it.

[three] i dream about being chased by bears A LOT. i had one of those dreams last night. i really want someone to analyze my dreams one day.

[four] i’ve been very bad about running. but i feel like it really isn’t ALL my fault. i even worked at my internship on saturday this past weekend….. i call that dedication.

[five] i love that the water cooler at work also has a hot water button, i make about 4 cups of tea while i’m there daily.


i want him.

from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee

i’ve never been more happy for a monday holiday.

& it’s time for monday confessions.

[one] i kind of wanted to cry last night when dale jr. ran out of gas on the last lap, in turn 4, while winning the coca cola 600. i mean really. bad things just keep happening to him 😦 & i feel like he deserves a win with his new perspective & attitude this year.

[two] some crazy showed me a picture of his car at the race. i guess trying to impress me? well it didn’t. & the funny thing was it was a real picture, not on his phone or anything. i mean who carries a real picture of their CAR around?

[three] i LOVE LOVE LOVE how patriotic nascar still is.

[four] i’ve never seen a flyover as amazing as the one at the race last night. that stealth bomber was insanely cool & creepily quiet at the same time.

stealth bomber


[five] i just love nascar.

how do you like me now

monday confessions!

[one] i’ve turned the guest bedroom into my closet.

[two] i’m not sure i rested for more than 5 minutes this past weekend.

[three] i’m in love with my new sam edelman sandals.

[four] although i’m going to be super busy & running around for the next few months, i’d rather be busy than not.

[five] i might just have to give in & drink coffee during the week again.

fish fish bowl


somebody tell me why

monday confessions.

[one] my allergies haven’t been this bad since i was in the countryside in europe 3 years ago & i thought the itching in my throat would never ever go away again. idk what it is but this week i’m trying to flush myself with water hoping it helps before i’m sure i’ll be off to the allergist for a new insanely strong prescription since apparently i’m immune to mine now.

[two] i hate my school right now because they are not offering a class i need next quarter & now i have to take internship, portfolio, and an advanced scripting class my last quarter.

[three] i’m maybe the most spoiled person in the world (but i’m not a brat). my mom brought me new toms from the mountains yesterday & my grandma brought me new sam edelman sandals & vintage bottles to add to my collection 🙂

[four] i love that for mother’s day at church yesterday there was a slideshow of mothers & their kids in the church and the band played taylor swift’s never grow up. it was beautiful.

[five] i felt like crap all last week, physically, emotionally, everything, but this week is going to be different 🙂

sail boat in sunset


courtesy of the red, white & blue

monday (evening) confessions.

[one] i woke up at 7:30, ate breakfast, watched some ubl news coverage & then proceeded to take a 4 hour nap this morning. whatever, i felt bad.

[two] i ate brunch a table away from jimmie johnson yesterday. his daughter is adorable.

[three] i secretly wished it was dale jr. not jimmie johnson, but i mean it was southpark, junior would not be caught dead in southpark.

[four] i’m trying to figure out how to meet dale jr. because i think i need to marry him.

[five] i’m sick of “the kyle busch show” aka his dominating the races. i don’t disagree he’s a good driver but & i’m sure he’s doing something illegal.


you’ll be my louisiana

monday confessions are back…..

[one] i took the weekend off from school work. nothing was accomplished & it was wonderful.

[two] i’m in love with this song.

[three] i know i shouldn’t wish away time, but if the next 2 quarters came & went in a flash i would be okay with that.

[four] i spend probably 65% of my phone usage bbming jessica talking about our life plans (some of which are probably never going to happen, but some could).

[five] i’m not running, going to the gym, or doing anything active today (unless thesis ends early tonight & i go to the gym on the way home)…. i’m exhausted.