got a pink guitar

it’s the last day of 2011.


i’ll be so much better about blogging next year.

until then, my 5 favorite pins from 2011:





words & quotes:




& lastly my favorite geek post of the year:


happy new year!


say what you will

i love this song & the video.

whisper the sweetest words

jessica gave me the country strong soundtrack over the weekend.

& i haven’t stopped listening to it.

we didn’t care if people stared

have i already posted this song?

i tried to buy it on itunes last week & they needed updated billing info.

but my purse was downstairs & i was too lazy to go get it.

so i’ve just been listening to it on youtube.



but i love their voices.

shinin’ like lighters in the dark in the middle of a rock show

i just had my highlights done a few weeks ago & added a few deep red lowlights in with the honey blonde.

& i love it.

i kinda wish there was a little more red actually.

maybe next time.

or maybe something like this.

lauren conrad rainbow tips


i’m in LOVE with lauren conrad’s colored tips.

little miss i’ll get tough

today i did a little antique store perusing.

bought a copy of treasure island from the 60’s.

& a few more little gems.

i went by the craft store to get supplies for my sister baby shower in august.

i also got annie a new toy, but after barking at it for a few minutes she’s back asleep.

lazy pup.

it’s insane how much you can get done when you get up before 8.

silverware art


love this idea for a kitchen or dining room.

there’s a side to you that i never knew

i’ve been extremely busy lately.

now that the spring quarter is over i’m working full time at my internship (which i love 20 million times more than going to class).

but i’ve been spending a lot of time alone.

it’s nice, i get to think a lot.

(which isn’t always good but the quiet is a nice change).

i think about the past 3 or 4 years & how things have changed.

i think about how i ended up in charlotte.

i think about how i love parts of charlotte, but also still wish i was somewhere else.

i think about going to europe.

i think about falling in love.

i think about how i thought my life would be at this time.

i think about what i was doing last summer, the summer before & the summer before.

i think about what’s planned for my life, that i don’t even know about yet.

it’s been nice to have space & quiet to think.

& i’ve been listening to this song over & over.