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winter just wasn’t my season

so my mom & grandma are very good at buying me clothes/shoes/jewelry/anything like that.

they went to the mountains over the weekend with my aunts & didn’t invite me, which i wasn’t too happy about.

but, they came home bearing gifts because they are so sweet they always think of everyone else first.

mom got me the chambray tom’s cordones 🙂

toms cordones chambray[via]

& my grandma picked out the sam edelman exie sandals. omg.

sam edelman exie sandal[via]

i wore the sam edelman’s yesterday & when someone commented on them i said, “my grandma got these for me” they said my grandma must be super cool.

she is.


_casa_de_isabelle_ my heart goes pitter-patter

i love chalkboard paint & kitchens more than anything else house related.

chalkboard paint in the kitchen


you’ve really made me believe that love was supposed to be free

the last few days have not my favorite days for a few reasons.

i hate it when i get down because i know there are people who have issues worse than mine.

but it was at the point where i just needed/wanted something good to happen.

while sitting through a redundant class last night i stumbled upon pinterest.

i spent the entire class browsing the site & finding photos that totally inspired me.

pretty things i found…..




every word was right on the money

a beautiful dress.

[with a kiss shift dress via bhldn]

is it too early to be thinking about july?

this would be an adorable 4th of july dress.

into the darkness You shine

i found this list from becoming minimalist via inspired mess.

i love it.

i’m going to try to follow this list daily 🙂

  1. Smile more.
  2. Hug more.
  3. Give more compliments.
  4. Write more love notes.
  5. Offer more forgiveness.
  6. Ask more follow-up questions.
  7. Show more interest.
  8. Have more compassion.
  9. Talk to more children.
  10. Remember more names.
  11. Leave bigger tips.
  12. Use kinder words.
  13. Laugh at more jokes.
  14. Make more eye contact.
  15. Treat others to more coffee.
  16. Listen more intently.
  17. Give more time.
  18. Stop to catch-up longer.
  19. Promote others more often.
  20. Be more optimistic.
  21. Be more sympathetic.
  22. Be more patient.
  23. Celebrate more successes.
  24. Ask to pray more often.
  25. Dream bigger dreams for others.
  26. Cook more meals.
  27. Ask elders for more advice.
  28. Spend more time reminiscing with old friends.
  29. Donate more to charity.
  30. Remember more details.
  31. Sing more songs.
  32. Display more affection.
  33. Give more apologies.
  34. Focus less on differences.
  35. Invite more to come along.
  36. Read more books to your child.
  37. Offer to help more often.
  38. Trust more.
  39. Give more responsibility.
  40. Say more thank-you’s.


trying to find the inbetweens

i was a little over gossip girl last season.

but i love the new blair/dan storyline.


blair is by far my favorite.


sweet as cotton candy

i’m not much for valentine’s day but these fruit stickers are adorable.

saw them at so about what i said & couldn’t help reblogging.

[downloadable stickers via twig & thistle]