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roll the dice & have some faith

today has been anything but ordinary.

the power went out at 5 am,

so it was super hot in the house.

annie decided it was time to get up & start the day,

so i had to put her in her crate till 7.

the water didn’t work either,

so i applied my makeup in the dark with hands cleaned with sanitizer & well my hair is less than cute today.

annie had a 9 am grooming appointment so i dropped her off, went to the bank, & realized the nearby starbucks was closed for remodeling. i went to caribou instead to get my soy latte & now i’m in love.

they have the cutest to-go cups!


a few quotes from my cup this morning…..

savor every sip.

marshmallows have no nutritional value, and that’s ok.

you’ll only be your current age once.

only look back if it makes you smile.

indulge in chocolate therapy.

learn to say thank you in ten languages.

spin the globe then pack your bags.

pour yourself a cup of karma.

be the FIRST to apologize.

dance in the rain.

sing out loud.

i especially like the thank you one. i’m going to learn thank you in 10 languages, i’m well on my way with 5 already 🙂

it’s been a rough couple of days/weeks, this sweet coffee cup made my day.

have a wonderful thursday y’all 🙂


today in 5 pictures_ 9.29.10






too cute. i love sweets. blair is my favorite. comfort food. true life.

it felt like the world would freeze with john f kennedy & the beatles

this is my ultimate outfit.

[image via this post]

i found it at a blog called my edit.

i don’t have a sequin skirt but i have my black lace one…..

how adorable would it be with a plaid shirt & my new riding boots!?

_casa_de_isabelle_ many much moosen

i’m in love with these white lacqured moose & deer heads.

i’m going to have to have them one day.

wouldn’t they look amazing on a black wall?

[via zgallerie]

today in 5 pictures_ 9.27.10






last night i watched letters to juliet, it made me happy it was so sweet. modern family premiere was last week, hilarious. i love the summer & the winter equally. those shoes on the beach make me think of my favorite painting.

mr. brightside


today in 5 pictures_ 9.25.10






time on the beach, lattes, apples, cute hair day, and time to think.