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remind me

omg. it’s thankful thursday already & i’m still thinking it’s tuesday.

i realized on like saturday that i missed thursday last week.


i’m back to linking up with julia & jamie this week!

[one] i’m thankful i finished my last class of the quarter YESTERDAYYY.

[two] i’m thankful i have 3 weeks of NO CLASSES, i’m getting a little exhausted, hence the inability to remember what day it is.

[three] i’m thankful i’m only going to be working ONE job now, no more bookstore after today, but i’ll be working more at my internship.

[four] i’m thankful for only TWO more quarters of school, then i GRADUATE.

[five] i’m thankful it’s only TWO more weeks until i can go to the BEACH. i’m soooo ready for some salt air in my life.

huge necklace



love don’t run

i love thursdays because it means it almost friday:)

linking up with julia & jamie for thankful thursday!

[one] i’m thankful for the dunkin donuts (with a drive thru) next to the office because it makes it sooo easy to stop for my morning (sometimes 2nd) cup of coffee (& i think it’s delectable).

[two] i’m thankful for my sweet cousin, ellison. she graduated from middle school yesterday, got a new phone with texting for a graduation present, & has been texting me nonstop since. it makes me smile.

[three] i’m thankful it’s june because little baby a is another month along & i’m soooo excited to be an aunt 🙂

[four] i’m thankful dark chocolate candy bars like kitkat because i don’t feel as bad for eating them… dark chocolate has antioxidants & so in my mind it cancels out the awfulness of candy bars…. right?

[five] i’m thankful for pinterest & running. they’re the BEST destressers.

purple skirt flower print


i want this print soooooo bad for my future closet that’s bigger than my bedroom.

you’re better off if you don’t ask why

last week i was wayyyy too busy for thankful thursday.

but i’m jumping back in this week with julia & jamie.

[one] i’m thankful for band-aids to cover up my huge blister on my foot so i don’t feel like screaming all the time.

[two] i’m thankful for my sweet grandparents who kept annie girl last weekend when i went to florida.

[three] things that make me laugh (reference the picture below).

[four] i’m thankful for being busy. it’s tiring but i like it better than not being busy, helps keep my mind occupied.

[five] i’m thankful for my dad who is taking my car to be serviced for me because i HATE doing it myself.

bowl of stupid


carolina, barefoot on the beaches

so glad the week is almost over & that it’s thankful thursday!

linking up with julia & jamie.

[one] i’m thankful for opportunities that just spring themselves on you.

[two] i’m thankful for people who believe in me, because sometimes i just don’t have the best self-confidence.

[three] i’m thankful for a wonderful message on humility this past weekend at church from our pastors wife.

[four] i’m thankful for rain, it’s calming my allergies down just a little bit.

[five] i’m thankful i got to see my grandmother who doesn’t live in charlotte & my sweet sister this past weekend.

with enough coffee....


drown out these embers

i’m soooo glad it’s thursday because that means the week is almost over & it’s thankful thursday!

this week is thankful thursday in pictures, link up with julia & jamie!

[one] i’m thankful for inspiration, because sometimes i just feel blank.


[two] i’m thankful for dark chocolate, it calms me when i want to throw stuff, like yesterday (& now i really want to make dark chocolate dipped twizzlers).

dark chocolate twizzler


[three] i’m thankful for friends.

true friends


[four] i’m thankful for motivation (i’m totally making one of these some day).

race bibs


[five] i’m thankful for the feeling that there may still be time for a fairytale.

fairytale room


what are you thankful for?

open up a brand new door & find the strength to close the ones i left behind

after a few weeks off i’m back to thankful thursday!

link up with julia or jamie 🙂

[one] i’m thankful for the long holiday weekend last weekend. it was very much needed.

[two] i’m thankful to be blessed with a place to escape to (holden beach) when i can’t handle the city anymore.

[three] i’m thankful for my sweet sister & the little baben that will be making a debut in october 🙂

[four] i’m thankful for fruit (i’ve said this before, but i just love it).

[five] i’m thankful there haven’t been any tornadoes in charlotte thus far & praying for those who have been affected.


little miss checkered dress

it’s thursday! which i used to LOVE because it was my friday but now i have friday class 😦

but i still love thankful thursday with julia & jamie.

[one] i’m thankful for almond milk. soy milk has gotten me through the past few non-dairy years but i just started drinking almond milk & i might be in love.

[two] i’m thankful that i MIGHT get to see my sister this weekend 🙂

[three] i’m thankful for late night chats with jessica.

[four] i’m thankful for country music, sometimes it’s just what i need.

[five] i’m thankful for my sweet family.