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long live


burning brighter than the sun

i’ve decided to link up with kit & mj for the 11 in 2011 blog challenge 🙂

it starts on the 1st & the topics are…..

[day 1] new years resolutions

[day 2] favorite holiday memory

[day 3] favorite work-out tips

[day  4] best leftover recipe

[day 5] places you hope to go this year

[day 6] best organization tricks

[day 7] favorite memory of 2010

[day 8] favorite healthy snack

[day 9] favorite things to do on a cold winter day

[day 10] favorite girls night out events

[day 11] what are you looking forward to in 2011
can’t wait 🙂

somewhere with you

christmas eve we always have a family dinner (my mom’s whole side of the family) & open presents.

this year we decided to have soups as our dinner.

my aunt volunteered to make the potato soup, so i volunteered to make the vegetable soup (because it’s my favorite).

i also decided to make the caramel sea salt brownies that i’ve read about on olivia’s blog so many times.

& as i was putting the brownies in the oven my grandpa decided he wanted banana pudding (because we had a ton of very ripe bananas).

so i made that too.

i looked for a good veggie soup recipe & came up with this one from martha stewart, though i added some vegetables & didn’t include some that were listed to include. i also left it sit on the stove on low until just before were were going to eat & i upped the temperature. it was very easy, very good, & very tasty….. there were no leftovers 🙂


the brownies slightly stressed me out. because i wasn’t sure if the brownie batter would thicken itself if it sat on too low of a heat source & i didn’t want it to burn if i left it too high while i was mixing the caramel, so i enlisted sister’s help. i may or may not have put too much sea salt on the top (i like it that way, but might be too much for others) but they were a hit but VERY rich. even i couldn’t eat more than one & i’m the queen of desserts.


the banana pudding was a piece of cake to finish off the day in the kitchen. apparently we had instant pudding but i didn’t know, so i whipped some up from scratch (a recipe i found in the “recipe drawer” in my grandma’s kitchen) flour, milk (i used half & half 🙂 ), sugar, & vanilla over medium heat until it thickens. i layered the bowl with banana slices, nilla wafers, pudding, more wafers & bananas, then more pudding. it was DELECTABLE (but i’m a banana pudding lover).


i wish i could cook/bake/eat this well everyday.

this was the very first page, not where the story line ends

yesterday i had my hair professionally colored for the first time ever.

(well i got highlights in like 8th grade, but i can’t even count how many years ago that was)

i usually color my own hair with a $7 box from target.

but my mom was going to get her hair colored so i decided i wanted something different, without having to cut my hair, so i made an appointment too.

my instructions were simple, a noticeable change but not fake looking.

& i’m in LOVE with it.

it was so easy, 10 foils, sit 15 minutes (the last 5 under the dryer), wash out, dry & a new look.

i don’t have a picture of myself yet but the color resembles annie from 90210 (but a little darker still).


i’m super happy with it 🙂

you’re a lover, i’m a runner

i’ve always had this problem being content.

always looking for what’s next, what i can change, something new to amuse me.

i wish i could just be fine with what is happening now.

i look regularly at job openings in my field for when i graduate (but this just makes me even less content, september graduation is just too far away).

as part of my new years resolutions (will post more about them later) i am going to try to be happier with what i’m currently doing.

i have a wonderful life & a loving family & i have nothing (important) to complain about, so i shouldn’t complain at all.

for example, i hate my 45 minute drive to & from work & school, but i will not complain anymore because i actually have a car & don’t have to rely on others or ride a bus/subway/train/lightrail/etc. & i’m so thankful for that.


pick me up at 3 am

well, i took a week long break from technology, the gym, & healthy eating.

oh well, it was fun 🙂


i just got back from the gym for the first time since last tuesday (used my new nike + ipod running kit & love it).

& i just got around to reading blog posts from the past 5 days.

we had a wonderul (& white) christmas here in north carolina.

& annie LOVES the snow.

my sister tooks lots of adorable pictures of her 🙂

my dad gave my sister & i [yellow tail] opoly & we played all christmas morning.


even though we were not supposed to get presents (except the one from whoever drew our name) mom & grandma cheated & went overboard.

so we actually got a lot of cute things.

one of my favorites, a vintage kodak camera, it’s on my bookshelf & i heart it.

we had a great snow day yesterday too

(pictures to come soon).

in other news.

i’m loving this song.

you are the best thing that’s ever been mine

we’re on the way to the mountains as i write this post. i love love love asheville (so does my mom & sister) & we’re headed staright to the biltmore for an early lunch, going on a tour (that place never gets old), & then we’re off the the winery (biltmore’s limited edition chenin blanc is insane).

i’m going to TRY to remember to take lots of pictures 🙂

have a wonderful tuesday, oops i mean wednesday y’all 🙂

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