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but we had no fear

psalm 37:4



you’re better off if you don’t ask why

last week i was wayyyy too busy for thankful thursday.

but i’m jumping back in this week with julia & jamie.

[one] i’m thankful for band-aids to cover up my huge blister on my foot so i don’t feel like screaming all the time.

[two] i’m thankful for my sweet grandparents who kept annie girl last weekend when i went to florida.

[three] things that make me laugh (reference the picture below).

[four] i’m thankful for being busy. it’s tiring but i like it better than not being busy, helps keep my mind occupied.

[five] i’m thankful for my dad who is taking my car to be serviced for me because i HATE doing it myself.

bowl of stupid


everything was slipping right out of our hands

been a little mia lately.

it’s busy around here these days with my internship, work at school, school & everything else going on.

but being busy is good for me, especially right now.

i managed to squeeze in 5 miles yesterday but in the process i rubbed a blister on the arch of my foot (yeah, didn’t know that was possible) that’s almost 2 inches long.

wearing shoes hurts so bad right now 😦

salt air


i want to go to the beach sooooo bad right now!

but i’m off to my internship, then school.

& tonight i’m meeting corrine to see pat green at speedstreets 🙂

drown out these embers

i’m soooo glad it’s thursday because that means the week is almost over & it’s thankful thursday!

this week is thankful thursday in pictures, link up with julia & jamie!

[one] i’m thankful for inspiration, because sometimes i just feel blank.


[two] i’m thankful for dark chocolate, it calms me when i want to throw stuff, like yesterday (& now i really want to make dark chocolate dipped twizzlers).

dark chocolate twizzler


[three] i’m thankful for friends.

true friends


[four] i’m thankful for motivation (i’m totally making one of these some day).

race bibs


[five] i’m thankful for the feeling that there may still be time for a fairytale.

fairytale room


what are you thankful for?

you’ve really made me believe that love was supposed to be free

the last few days have not my favorite days for a few reasons.

i hate it when i get down because i know there are people who have issues worse than mine.

but it was at the point where i just needed/wanted something good to happen.

while sitting through a redundant class last night i stumbled upon pinterest.

i spent the entire class browsing the site & finding photos that totally inspired me.

pretty things i found…..




this is what it is


i shine because of You

pretty picture day.