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_casa_de_isabelle_ my heart goes pitter-patter

i love chalkboard paint & kitchens more than anything else house related.

chalkboard paint in the kitchen



_casa_de_isabelle_ a kitchen affair

this is pretty.


_casa_de_isabelle_ this is it

the other day i was”explaining” my decorating & home style to my aunt & grandma & mom & well they just didn’t understand.

i admit the description “vintagey old farmhousesque modernized sleek antiqueish” does not help.

& that’s what i told them.

& my mom promptly changed the subject because she knows sometimes i just talk to get a rise out of her.

but this is it.

this is my style.

an old & new & vintage & modern & antique & clean lined kitchen.


add some subway tiles & my collection of old coke bottles & DONE.

i heart it.


_casa_de_isabelle_ pretty little things


i want exposed shelves.


a cozy bunk & wall art when i have kids.


a sweet yellow door.

_casa_de_isabelle_ sister’s gotten the kitchen fever

so we know i love kitchens. whether it’s because i love food, so in turn, i love kitchens, or because it’s a gathering place for the family, or because kitchen gadgets & appliances can amuse me for hours, i don’t know. they just make me happy (& hungry).

my sister just posted kitchen love and it made me happy (because they’re kitchens). i can’t wait to have a house/apartment/flat/cottage whatever someday (hopefully sooner rather than later) & the kitchen will be one of the first places of decor/design focus.

i found this little ditty above here. it’s so cozy feeling, we love exposed beams in my family and the nook feeling i just love. i would probably have to change up that carolina blue paint though…. a nice mixed berry jam color anyone?

_casa_de_isabelle_ kitchens & coziness

as i’m watching the bachelor
i have been perusing through
& found these wonderful photos 🙂

love these kitchens & dining areas
as well as the cozy little bedroom below!

_casa_de_isabelle_ COLOR & lack there of

the red walls, shelves, & island with white beams & appliances are very striking.
love the black & white tile counter top as well!

we all know i love black anything, so i love these black cabinets!
bookcases are also a must! i’m not usually a fan of green either, but love this
all images from country living