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it’s cicadas makin noise, and the southern voice

today i was at target with my dad, we went out for lunch and he needed some eyedrops, so he went to get the eye drops and since i managed to roll my ankle twice yesterday and am still wearing heeled boots, i didn’t want to walk all the way to the eye drops. i stopped at the gloves & scarves that are near the front door and realized i’m just loving gloves right now. i recently got some new black ones from j.crew with the cut out fingers. the ones they have at target right now are too cute!

armwarmers and long gloves! too cute!

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party in the usa

short week! and i love it! i’m so wishing i didn’t have class tonight, but after that it’s a week of fun stuff. going to see mont after class to see the blindside, then outdoor ice skating tomorrow at the uptown rink (i think), then baking/cooking thursday (thanksgiving if you’re drawing a blank). i’m in charge of the pumpkin cake and green beans. i just rummaged around and found my pumpkin cake recipe and have found the one for green beans the other day. today i am supposed to be working on 2 alternate designs of an existing webpage (not fun) & drawing a cartoon santa with a palm tree for my dad, but i’m probably going to try to get to the store so i’m not bombarded on wednesday with everyone else. happy short week!

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she’ll leave you with a smile

i’ve just started a project, making a website for a printing company that is expanding their business and starting to print photobooks. the name is signature photobooks and i’ve been searching for inspiration for my mood board when i came across this amazing chandelier. won’t work for the mood board but i’m in love!

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twirling in a sundress wearing my ring

crafty crafty. i loved this quote and had these adorable black and silver flowers, what better than to use them together?

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with style and grace kick ass and take names

i have decided that today should be call productivnesday, not wednesday. i have been a little obsessed with miranda lambert lately, hence the post titles and tweets, i just got her new cd the other day, it’s AMAZING! anyways, cute little project i just did for ee, i painted the blue almost a year ago and finally finished today with surprise….. a miranda lambert song!

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pretty little thing, sometimes you gotta look up

i’ve decided to start doing my little creative cute projects again. they make me happy, especially when they turn out how i want them to, imagine that. anyways, will post soon!

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i bet he’d understand a heart like mine

ellison and i tried to take pictures on our spontaneous mountain trip.

didn’t go so well

but we did get a few cute ones!