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11 in 2011_ day 4

link up with kit & mj for the 11 in 2011 challenge!

[day four] best leftover recipes.

what are leftovers?

we don’t have those in my house.

we either eat WAY too much or somehow cook just enough.

we have the occasional leftover desserts but they’re usually just as good cold, right out of the fridge 🙂




somewhere with you

christmas eve we always have a family dinner (my mom’s whole side of the family) & open presents.

this year we decided to have soups as our dinner.

my aunt volunteered to make the potato soup, so i volunteered to make the vegetable soup (because it’s my favorite).

i also decided to make the caramel sea salt brownies that i’ve read about on olivia’s blog so many times.

& as i was putting the brownies in the oven my grandpa decided he wanted banana pudding (because we had a ton of very ripe bananas).

so i made that too.

i looked for a good veggie soup recipe & came up with this one from martha stewart, though i added some vegetables & didn’t include some that were listed to include. i also left it sit on the stove on low until just before were were going to eat & i upped the temperature. it was very easy, very good, & very tasty….. there were no leftovers 🙂


the brownies slightly stressed me out. because i wasn’t sure if the brownie batter would thicken itself if it sat on too low of a heat source & i didn’t want it to burn if i left it too high while i was mixing the caramel, so i enlisted sister’s help. i may or may not have put too much sea salt on the top (i like it that way, but might be too much for others) but they were a hit but VERY rich. even i couldn’t eat more than one & i’m the queen of desserts.


the banana pudding was a piece of cake to finish off the day in the kitchen. apparently we had instant pudding but i didn’t know, so i whipped some up from scratch (a recipe i found in the “recipe drawer” in my grandma’s kitchen) flour, milk (i used half & half 🙂 ), sugar, & vanilla over medium heat until it thickens. i layered the bowl with banana slices, nilla wafers, pudding, more wafers & bananas, then more pudding. it was DELECTABLE (but i’m a banana pudding lover).


i wish i could cook/bake/eat this well everyday.

what was i thinking?

as my stress level rises i’m putting more & more on my to-do list for break.

although, break will not be very long & i have to work the entire 2nd week of it,

i’m determined to bake, finish up some project, start some projects, read at least 3 of my 38420984 new books, and re-arrange my life.

ha, sounds so crazy.

first thing on my bake/cook list:

spicy zucchini boats


lavender cupcakes


i’ve had the zucchini boats bookmarked on my computer for some time now,

but when i saw the lavender cupcakes this morning, my mouth started watering.

(i’ve also been eyeing the caramel sea salt brownies i read about so often at everyday musings…..


sometimes you gotta look up

the one thing that i could always eat is a hamburger.

i love them.


yesterday after church mom, dad, sister & i ventured over to southpark to eat at bricktops.

i always get breakfast.

i love breakfast too.

but yesterday they had a french hamburger on the menu.

description: ground beef hamburger, with a fried egg, bacon, & some sort of french cheese on a roll.

now, i didn’t get the cheese but y’all…..


this morning i googled the burger and found this:

the lady’s brunch burger.

[via paula dean]

hi. my name is elizabeth & this would probably be the best thing i’ve ever eaten.

(because other than hamburgers & breakfast, i LOVE doughnuts).

i’m going to have to try the recipe one day.

you are the only exception

happy friday y’all 🙂

this week’s new blog…..

lavender & lillies

delicious sounding recipies

(check out the key lime cupcakes from yesterday…..

i’m going to have to try these!)

cute clothes & styles.

& even a few posts on going vegan 🙂

(no i’m not vegan, but i like the idea of it, maybe again one day)

check out her blog!

you’re my virginia bluebelle

thought this was a happy thing to start the day & the post with.

i have a new favorite daily blog read. it’s been on my blog roll for a few weeks now, but have very recently turned into one of the blogs i specifically look at to see if there is a new post. check it out: lilac & ivy. not to mention the use of ampersand in the name.

i decided today was the day to post my new must read blog because of today’s post inspired: 01.14.10. i’m even wearing my converses today, before i even saw this post too 🙂
ps… the white sangria from the previous day’s post sounds delicious, i’ll have to try it out soon.

in keeping with yesterdays post about my funk, i think i am making good progress towards using my time better & feeling like i’m actually doing something with my life. other than wonderful blog posts (check out my blog roll, they’re all amazing blogs) I really enjoy listening to past sermons from my church. i missed last weeks message (where are they now? part one: one hit wonders) & listened to it yesterday, i highly recommend it.

i hope to be back later today, it is my long day at work with some inspiration (or at the very least some beautiful pictures).

the open summer breeze will sweep you through the hills

in preparation for the birthday party, which i know is still 125 days away, i have been looking for owl inspired pastry’s and such. found this recipe from bella online & altered the colors a bit to fit my party…

chocolate puff pastry owls

makes 24

one 17&1/2 oz package of frozen puff pastry (2 sheets)
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 egg, beaten with 1 tablespoon of water
48 dark chocolate discs (wilton candy melts)
24 whole cashews
pink & yellow m&m’s

1. take the puff pastry sheets from the freezer 30 minutes before assembling the owls.
2. roll one of the sheets on a lightly floured pastry cloth to a 12×12 inch square.

3. mix the sugar & cocoa powder in a small bowl.
4. brush the pastry lightly with the egg mixture, then sprinkle liberally with the sugar/chocolate mixture.
5. roll up each side tightly to the middle, brush the middle with a little of the egg mixture to make the rolled
sides stick to each other.
6. cut rolled pastry into 12 equal slices.
7. sprinkle some of the sugar mixture on a flat plate & press each of the pastry pieces into the sugar mixture (only the bottom side – don’t turn over to coat top) while flattening with your fingers.
8. transfer each of the flattened pieces to a parchment-lined baking sheet.

9. repeat with the second pastry sheet.
10. when all are flattened, place the sheet in the freezer for about 15 mintues or in the refridgerator for 30 minutes.
11. pinch the top corner of each to resemble an owl.
12. bake in a preheated 425 degree oven for 7 minutes; remove from the oven, brush with the egg mixture & press a chocolate disc on each side to resemble eyes. press a cashew in the middle for the beak.
13. return to the oven & bake until the pastry is crisp & brown, 3-5 more minutes.
14. remove from the oven, press an m&m in the middle of each chocolate disc & cool on racks.

i’ll probably try this sometime before the party as i have learned that pastry’s are a bit hard to make after the apfelstrudel i made for christmas, it turned out but was a bit of a stresser there for a few minutes 🙂

i also found these super cute cupcakes from and it sparked my memory that i got a cupcake stand for christmas that has never been used! so, along with the cake there will eb cupcakes! not sure if i will just stick to the owls or use the flowers & birds as well, we’ll just have to see. in keeping with my number 5, i have decided that there should be 5 different desserts..
1. cake
2. puff pastry
3. cupcakes
4. cookies
5. …… any ideas on the last one?

found this adorable owl shaped cookie cutter at chio creations for only $1, should i get some greek letter ones too?

must get back to this awful video project i’m doing, it’s stressing me out & party planning was helping to destress, going to get coffee soon & maybe a little snack too 🙂