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got a pink guitar

it’s the last day of 2011.


i’ll be so much better about blogging next year.

until then, my 5 favorite pins from 2011:





words & quotes:




& lastly my favorite geek post of the year:


happy new year!


all i really want is more than this moment right now

saw this abc’s of me on ty’s blog a few days ago & thought it was cute, so i copied 🙂

ambition: to help people.

bad habit: biting my nails. i gnaw my nails as short as possible & don’t even realize it until an hour later. i am trying to stop, my nails have been painted for the past 2 weeks & that seems to help 🙂 now to just KEEP them polished.

city: charlotte, north carolina.

drink: chamomile tea. i’m in love with it.

education: FINALLY graduating in december with a web design & interactive media degree (& i just realized that’s only like 6 months away 🙂 🙂 )

food: dark chocolate covered banana chips. if you’ve never had them i suggest heading to your nearest earthfare & get some. they’ll change your life. or pancakes & eggs. i love breakfast food.

guilty pleasure: dark chocolate covered banana chips & more than 1 cup of coffee in a day.

hometown: cary, north carolina.

ice cream: i don’t usually eat it because i’m lactose intolerant but when i splurge for the coconut milk ice cream i LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate chocolate.

kryptonite: a good hairday.

look-a-like: my grandma always tells me i look like angie harmon? but jess calls me audrina because i wear my hair like her a lot in the messy, side, half up, teased, semi wavy way. make sense?

movie: erin brokovich

nickname: annie, anna, ebond.

obsession: food. i love it. a lot. & running. i wish i had more time to do it.

perfume: all time fav is kenneth cole reaction, it’s timeless. but i like to get fun one’s every once in a while (like when mom asks about christmas or birthday presents) my last alternate favorite was vera wang rock princess.

quirk: i love to research random things. like castles & royals from past centuries among other things.

regret: not using all my time wisely thus far in life.

starbucks: raspberry latte.

thrift find of the year: max & cleo dress for $40…. so far.

university: nc state has my heart still.

vacation: anywhere with warm sun, clear water & some sand.

x: ummmm?

years: 22 (almost 23, omg.)

zen: a good cup of coffee.



into the darkness You shine

i found this list from becoming minimalist via inspired mess.

i love it.

i’m going to try to follow this list daily 🙂

  1. Smile more.
  2. Hug more.
  3. Give more compliments.
  4. Write more love notes.
  5. Offer more forgiveness.
  6. Ask more follow-up questions.
  7. Show more interest.
  8. Have more compassion.
  9. Talk to more children.
  10. Remember more names.
  11. Leave bigger tips.
  12. Use kinder words.
  13. Laugh at more jokes.
  14. Make more eye contact.
  15. Treat others to more coffee.
  16. Listen more intently.
  17. Give more time.
  18. Stop to catch-up longer.
  19. Promote others more often.
  20. Be more optimistic.
  21. Be more sympathetic.
  22. Be more patient.
  23. Celebrate more successes.
  24. Ask to pray more often.
  25. Dream bigger dreams for others.
  26. Cook more meals.
  27. Ask elders for more advice.
  28. Spend more time reminiscing with old friends.
  29. Donate more to charity.
  30. Remember more details.
  31. Sing more songs.
  32. Display more affection.
  33. Give more apologies.
  34. Focus less on differences.
  35. Invite more to come along.
  36. Read more books to your child.
  37. Offer to help more often.
  38. Trust more.
  39. Give more responsibility.
  40. Say more thank-you’s.


i need to be bold, need to jump in the cold water

i’m in need of some serious motivation.

i finished work until january 3rd yesterday & almost finished up my christmas shopping last night.

(just a few more things tp pick up for my brother-in-law & a few more goodies for ginny).

but today i have a long to do list.

[one] i HAVE to go to the gym, i’ve been slacking with finals in the last week.

[two] have to clean the bathroom & guest bedroom for sister (she’s gonna be here tonight).

[three] need to go to target & get a few things.

[four] HAVE to pack, we’re headed to asheville tomorrow.

[five] annie girl NEEDS a bath.

[six] my room looks like a tornado hit it, must clean it up.

[seven] i want to go to earthfare or trader joes & get some fruit, i’m having withdrawl.


now if someone will just tell me where the motivation is to get up & get out of this house, that would be great 🙂

songs that we had never heard

chello! for the 3rd time today 🙂

i for one have been super productive yet not at all productive today.

it’s hard to explain but it makes sense in my head.

i have made a list.

& i think it’s a good one.

it’s even got it’s own special blog page (look at the top left navigation).

it’s my 18 in 8.

the 18 things i want to do in the last 8 days of november.


i’m going to get to working on my list now.

switching sides & wildfire lies

this year for christmas we have strict rules about gift giving. we drew names and our gift limit is $35, we even decided everyone was to make a list so if their gift giver was stuck without an idea (some people are just hard to buy for). i personally hate the list idea because i NEVER know what to put on it & i don’t like telling people what to get me. but this year i think i have some good ideas for my mandatory list…..

1_ new (fake) ray ban wayfarers. i had some from target that i wore FOREVER & i broke them 😦 & with my ability to lose/break sunglasses, i don’t need real ones 🙂 (price point: $15)

2_ nike + ipod sport kit. since i’ve started running more & more i’d like to be able to track how i’m doing & set goals. i just got new nike + running shoes. (price point: $29)

3_ clothbound penguin classics books from anthropologie. my top picks are the picture of dorian gray, great expectations, & alice’s adventures in wonderland. (price point: $20)

4_ cover story postcards from anthropologie. i blogged about these back in february/march ish. i love them! (price point: $25)

5_ recipe book from anthropologie. right now my recipes are on notebook paper & it takes me forever to find them. this book is cute & a great way to have a personal recipe book. (price point: $28)

from the looks of it, anything from anthropologie would be great for me!

i’ve never heard silence quite this loud

everything has been a whirlwind lately, i feel like i get one thing crossed off my list & then 5 more things are added. classes this quarter are not crazy hard, just time comsuming & require more time actually at school. but, in a week & a half i’ll be DONE with all of my gen ed classes & halfway through this quarter, which means i’ll have 3 & a half quarters LEFT!. crazy.


but this weekend is the festival by the sea.

i’m so excited.

this means…..

i get to see my sister.

we get a funnel cake.

family time.

i get other greasy fair food (i’ve been eating a lot healthier so i deserve a little tasty food, right?)

fun crafty booths to peruse.

halloween themed wine tasting at the local wine & art shop.

the smell of salty air.

annie gets to wear her halloween costume.


i am giving myself a task for this weekend….. TAKE PICTURES.

we’ll see how it goes 🙂


have a wonderful thursday y’all 🙂