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even when the rain falls

i’m so glad it’s friday. another week of this quarter is over = graduation is close.

[verse] i know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand on the earth. -job 19:25

[song] washed by the water by needtobreathe.

[obsession] veggie soup. i made some tuesday & have been eating it for lunch & dinner since. so good & so good for you 🙂

[accomplishment] i’ve made it 4 days without coffee but i want/need one today.

[goodbye] april….. is it really almost may?



i guess everyone has their own sense of style.


open up a brand new door & find the strength to close the ones i left behind

after a few weeks off i’m back to thankful thursday!

link up with julia or jamie 🙂

[one] i’m thankful for the long holiday weekend last weekend. it was very much needed.

[two] i’m thankful to be blessed with a place to escape to (holden beach) when i can’t handle the city anymore.

[three] i’m thankful for my sweet sister & the little baben that will be making a debut in october 🙂

[four] i’m thankful for fruit (i’ve said this before, but i just love it).

[five] i’m thankful there haven’t been any tornadoes in charlotte thus far & praying for those who have been affected.


every word was right on the money

a beautiful dress.

[with a kiss shift dress via bhldn]

is it too early to be thinking about july?

this would be an adorable 4th of july dress.

you’ll be my louisiana

monday confessions are back…..

[one] i took the weekend off from school work. nothing was accomplished & it was wonderful.

[two] i’m in love with this song.

[three] i know i shouldn’t wish away time, but if the next 2 quarters came & went in a flash i would be okay with that.

[four] i spend probably 65% of my phone usage bbming jessica talking about our life plans (some of which are probably never going to happen, but some could).

[five] i’m not running, going to the gym, or doing anything active today (unless thesis ends early tonight & i go to the gym on the way home)…. i’m exhausted.


i could stand up & sing you a song

i took a little blogication.

i was burnt out.

i had no inspiration for posts outside of the typical & even the regulars were getting boring.

i was bored writing them, so i’m sure they were boring to read.

what’s new:

i took a crash course on infant carriers and strollers at buybuybaby with my sister last weekend. who knew there was that much to learn (& we only got to the basics) about them? on that note, sister got the cutest cowmooflage carrier & stroller (oh, p.s. she’s having a baben 🙂 ).

i found my writing portfolio from ncstate, when i was an english major & i read all pieces i had kept. made me realize i really still LOVE creative writing, wonder if that’s coming back to me?

i started keeping a food journal to cut down on my snacks, because i’m a really bad later in the day snacker. but on day 4ish i forgot to keep writing down food. but snacking is down 🙂

sister has a new blog. i’m working on a header design for her…. check it out though.

i had a paper to write for career development this week, i’m not sure if it was finding my writing from ncstate or what, but i hope my teacher “gets” my paper, since my writing style is a bit out there. whatever, the paper was about me.

jessica & i decided to move to charleston when i (FINALLY) graduate. we’re also going to israel next year to visit the other jessica. guess we better start saving money.


_casa_de_isabelle_ oh wow

so since i’m not doing much on the productive side today, i found this article on

this girl is living in an “apartment” that is 90 square feet.

i’m not sure i would call that an apartment, maybe a closet.

really, 90 square feet?

my college dorm room freshman year was bigger than that.

i feel like i may have to embrace this type of living if i do move to charleston because i sure can’t afford rent there.

but i’m not sure i can live without a real kitchen & annie sure can’t run her laps in a space this small.

little miss checkered dress

it’s thursday! which i used to LOVE because it was my friday but now i have friday class 😦

but i still love thankful thursday with julia & jamie.

[one] i’m thankful for almond milk. soy milk has gotten me through the past few non-dairy years but i just started drinking almond milk & i might be in love.

[two] i’m thankful that i MIGHT get to see my sister this weekend 🙂

[three] i’m thankful for late night chats with jessica.

[four] i’m thankful for country music, sometimes it’s just what i need.

[five] i’m thankful for my sweet family.