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easy street on mud tires

dear pippa,

i want all the dresses & skirts you wear.

i absolutely love this dress….. who wouldn’t?

it’s my favorite color (or lack there of) combination.


& this one is just too cute for words.


& if skirts looked like that on me, i’d never wear pants again.


so after you’ve worn them, since you’re photographed all the time & can’t wear them again, please send them across the pond to north carolina.



summer down in galveston

i’m a little jealous of pippa’s wardrobe.

pippa dress & leather jacket


pippa zara two-toned dress


love that two-toned dress.

clothes make me happy_ 10.11.10

(wow, it’s been like 384435 years since i did a clothes make me happy_ post).

i spent the morning with ellison, she wasn’t feeling well & her mom didn’t want her to go to school with a bug. i took advantage of her presence & had her snap this look of the day instead of using the slightly grainy webcam shot.

dress: idk who made it, but it’s from tjmaxx.

sweater: kristen davis, from belk.

tights: hue, from the hue store.

boots: madeline suart, from sole searching.

belt: betsey johnson, from marshalls (it was a steal at $12).

jewelry: where do i start?

i really love this outfit because it’s fun & different & totally me. i’ve got to give it a rest with these riding boots though 🙂

clothes make me happy_ 6.22.10

so i did actually wear this yesterday…..

but i never got around to the post.

my grandma got this cute little strapless dress in the outerbanks over the weekend.

i’d have to say she did a good job 🙂

it was sooooo easy to throw on when i didn’t want to have to think about what to wear.

clothes make me happy_ 5.27.10

so i mentioned by new black lace skirt from forever 21.

i’m wearing it today.

skirt: forever 21

grey tshirt: belk

sandals: black kensie darlene’s

alligator ring: chloe & lola

necklace: from my mom

clothes make me happy_ 5.18.10

maybe i went a little overboard on the bracelets this morning?

… can never wear too many bracelets.

clothes make me happy_ 5.12.10

so i mentioned my otazu necklace earlier….

i bought this one for myself when i was 16.

i have 3 others.

one i was wearing in this post.

the third is multi colored with a huge coral colored heart in the center.

i love these necklaces.

check out the designer & his collections.