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time slows down whenever you’re around

so, today i was reading my usual blogs and came across this recipe for chicken tacos in a crock pot, it sounded sooooo good, but then it made me think… i don’t have a crock pot! so, the next house thing i buy (maybe ask for for my birthday… but that’s like 6 months away….) is going to be a crock pot.

one thing i think i’m relatively good at is researching what i buy, computers, tv’s, my gps, etc. so i checked consumer reports and have found this crock pot. only $39 at wal-mart, a retractable cord & removable insert for easy cleaning, too cool.

for now i’m just going to imagine how tasty the chicken tacos are going to be…. 🙂


party in the usa

short week! and i love it! i’m so wishing i didn’t have class tonight, but after that it’s a week of fun stuff. going to see mont after class to see the blindside, then outdoor ice skating tomorrow at the uptown rink (i think), then baking/cooking thursday (thanksgiving if you’re drawing a blank). i’m in charge of the pumpkin cake and green beans. i just rummaged around and found my pumpkin cake recipe and have found the one for green beans the other day. today i am supposed to be working on 2 alternate designs of an existing webpage (not fun) & drawing a cartoon santa with a palm tree for my dad, but i’m probably going to try to get to the store so i’m not bombarded on wednesday with everyone else. happy short week!

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texas stars in a purple night, not seein em with you baby, oh they never do look right

so i’m sitting here, eating cookies, working on a corporate identity project while dinner is baking, (yes i actually made dinner, let’s see if it tastes good, this is try #2 on this recipe). i’m eating cookies and have decided that since the nutrition label is in swedish (i think it’s swedish, yes, from sweden it says) that the calories do not count. thanks. have a good day 🙂