hello! i’m elizabeth, a north carolina native & creative soul at heart. i have a wonderful older sister that i adore, a sweet little pupper named annie that melts my heart & the most loving family a girl could ask for. i started kismet & company in october of 2009 as an outlet for random thoughts, fun pictures, obsessions, loves & a method of distressing as i finish up art school (i’m going to be in the real world soon? eek!).

i love…..

coffee & chamomile tea.

buying annie clothes & shoes for myself.

watching flipping out & the real housewives of beverly hills.

singing off key at church (i can’t help i’m an awful singer but i LOVE worship) & reflecting in my journal after.

spending time with family & making cookies.

finding cute fonts online & writing with the intent to use ampersands.

wearing too many bracelets & reading too many love stories.

wearing black everyday & eating like 3 bananas everyday.

reading blogs & singing taylor swift songs.

anything that smells like pineapple & salt water too.