don’t be stupid

happy monday morning!

i had a busy but super productive weekend.

i worked late friday night, had a chi omega alum meeting saturday morning & worked a few hours after that too.

saturday when i got home i was in the mood to clean up & out.

& that’s what i did.

i took a few dresses & some shoes to my cousin & packed up the rest for giveaway.

& it’s rare that i get rid of shoes.

i love mondays because i love monday confessions.

[one] i love shania twain & i’m glad she’s back! i’m going to have to go to vegas next year to see her show. i’ve been listening to my shania twain station on pandora all weekend.

[two] i spent saturday night home, by myself, watching sabrina. i love audrey hepburn.

[three] i think i am going to cancel my gym membership because i just don’t have time to go. i can run outside & i started jillian michaels 30 day shred yesterday. but i haven’t totally made up my mind yet.

[four] i’m super excited in less than a month (july 6th) flipping out will be back on šŸ™‚

[five] i’m obsessed with smoothies lately, especially double banana & honey.

van gogh cake


i LOVE this cake.

have a happy monday y’all šŸ™‚


One response

  1. Jen

    great start to the week šŸ™‚

    June 13, 2011 at 8:53 am

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