all i really want is more than this moment right now

saw this abc’s of me on ty’s blog a few days ago & thought it was cute, so i copied 🙂

ambition: to help people.

bad habit: biting my nails. i gnaw my nails as short as possible & don’t even realize it until an hour later. i am trying to stop, my nails have been painted for the past 2 weeks & that seems to help 🙂 now to just KEEP them polished.

city: charlotte, north carolina.

drink: chamomile tea. i’m in love with it.

education: FINALLY graduating in december with a web design & interactive media degree (& i just realized that’s only like 6 months away 🙂 🙂 )

food: dark chocolate covered banana chips. if you’ve never had them i suggest heading to your nearest earthfare & get some. they’ll change your life. or pancakes & eggs. i love breakfast food.

guilty pleasure: dark chocolate covered banana chips & more than 1 cup of coffee in a day.

hometown: cary, north carolina.

ice cream: i don’t usually eat it because i’m lactose intolerant but when i splurge for the coconut milk ice cream i LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate chocolate.

kryptonite: a good hairday.

look-a-like: my grandma always tells me i look like angie harmon? but jess calls me audrina because i wear my hair like her a lot in the messy, side, half up, teased, semi wavy way. make sense?

movie: erin brokovich

nickname: annie, anna, ebond.

obsession: food. i love it. a lot. & running. i wish i had more time to do it.

perfume: all time fav is kenneth cole reaction, it’s timeless. but i like to get fun one’s every once in a while (like when mom asks about christmas or birthday presents) my last alternate favorite was vera wang rock princess.

quirk: i love to research random things. like castles & royals from past centuries among other things.

regret: not using all my time wisely thus far in life.

starbucks: raspberry latte.

thrift find of the year: max & cleo dress for $40…. so far.

university: nc state has my heart still.

vacation: anywhere with warm sun, clear water & some sand.

x: ummmm?

years: 22 (almost 23, omg.)

zen: a good cup of coffee.




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