sunrise, there’s a fire in the sky

monday confessions on a tuesday night.

it’s been a little busy, next week is the end of the quarter & final projects, thesis & internship are taking up a lot of my time.

[one] i’m more than obsessed with dark chocoalte covered banana chips. i’ve been so busy the past 3 weeks that i haven’t had a chance to go to earthfare to get more & i’m pretty sure i’ve been thinking about them excessively.

[two] after sharepoint training all day yesterday all i could think about was nachos & i proceeded to pick some up on the way to thesis & then stuff my face. i ate them all. did i mention my thesis is is on eating healthy in today’s world of fast food? haha. i gave my level 2 thesis presentation right after everyone watched me eat them all. love it.

[three] i dream about being chased by bears A LOT. i had one of those dreams last night. i really want someone to analyze my dreams one day.

[four] i’ve been very bad about running. but i feel like it really isn’t ALL my fault. i even worked at my internship on saturday this past weekend….. i call that dedication.

[five] i love that the water cooler at work also has a hot water button, i make about 4 cups of tea while i’m there daily.


i want him.


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