driving around

uh oh.

i’m not sure what i did.

or when i did it.

but my hip has been hurting off & on since sunday.

i ran 6 miles monday no problem & did some leg strength training yesterday without anything hurting.

but sunday it hurt so bad, monday & tuesday it would hurt when i would twist in certain ways & today i just hurt,


it hurts to walk, to stand, to climb stairs, it hurts just sitting here typing.

& today it’s hurting in my hip & down through my lower leg.

i want to cry & throw up at the same time.

i hope i didn’t do anything bad & that i didn’t hurt my hip even more by running & exercising the past 2 days.

it’s an internal hurt, i don’t know how to make it feel better.

i wish i could just take it easy but the next 2 days are busy, i’ve got class at 1, & working on a project after, i was going to the gym tonight, but i think i’ll skip it, a meeting tomorrow morning, work all day, and another meeting tomorrow evening.

what have i gotten myself into?




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