somebody tell me why

monday confessions.

[one] my allergies haven’t been this bad since i was in the countryside in europe 3 years ago & i thought the itching in my throat would never ever go away again. idk what it is but this week i’m trying to flush myself with water hoping it helps before i’m sure i’ll be off to the allergist for a new insanely strong prescription since apparently i’m immune to mine now.

[two] i hate my school right now because they are not offering a class i need next quarter & now i have to take internship, portfolio, and an advanced scripting class my last quarter.

[three] i’m maybe the most spoiled person in the world (but i’m not a brat). my mom brought me new toms from the mountains yesterday & my grandma brought me new sam edelman sandals & vintage bottles to add to my collection 🙂

[four] i love that for mother’s day at church yesterday there was a slideshow of mothers & their kids in the church and the band played taylor swift’s never grow up. it was beautiful.

[five] i felt like crap all last week, physically, emotionally, everything, but this week is going to be different 🙂

sail boat in sunset



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