when you were young

what annoys me today:

being in my final year of school & still having to wait in endless lines with the first year students who have no freaking idea what they’re doing.

being told one thing by my school & then another & then i can’t register for next quarter.

having to be in school an extra quarter, next quarter was supposed to be my last, now i’m here till december.

people who just don’t get it.

having to sit in classes like career development & make a resume (i’ve had a resume for freaking years).

that i forgot my chocolate peanut butter at earthfare this afternoon.

feeling like i’m wasting my time half the time driving to school/having professors not show up.


wish i wasn’t lactose intolerant or i would totally get some ben&jerrys on the way home.

but i am so i’ll probably eat a coconut milk ice cream bar that is tasty but just not as tasty & have a glass of wine.

& now i’m done with my rant.


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