gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

as the weather is getting warmer i’m making more of an effort to get into better shape.

one thing i really really want to work on is my arms.

i’ve never had much arm strength.

over the past few months i’ve been lifting weights at the gym (low weight, high reps).

& have built up to actually being able to do a real push up (which i have never been able to do before).

i’ve also been working on my abs (bikini season is just around the corner).

so i found these challenges on a fitness & healthy eating blog i read & decided to take the challenge.

one hundred pushups & two hundred sit ups (i may try the two hundred squats challenge next).

there are 6 weeks of “training” for each with the final test (of either 100 pushups for 200 situps) during week 7.

i took the initial test this morning, i completed 8 push ups & 50 sit ups.

i’m pretty excited about this challenge…..


& hopefully be ready for the beach this summer 🙂


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